Predator Young Bloods

Predator Young Bloods are a trio of finely detailed 32mm miniatures for the Predator forces in Alien v Predator: The Hunt Begins. Particular and precise, Predator Young Bloods differ from their Hunter counterparts, employing menacing melee attacks that devastate any who cross their path. Predator Young Bloods are an exciting addition to Alien v Predator: The Hunt Begins, allowing players new abilities that both enhance gameplay and shake-up strategies aboard the USCSS Theseus.

The terror and tension grow with this collection of highly detailed miniatures based on the creatures from Alien v Predator universe. Expanding gameplay with new characters, abilities, and tactics, each unique add-on challenges players to devise smarter stratagems to secure victory. Predator Young Bloods are a tactical trio ready to rend and ravage any threat that stands in the way of their quest for domination.


  • Predator Forces Expansion
  • 3 Highly Detailed Miniatures
  • 12 Piece Set
  • Alien v Predator Theme
  • Predator Theme

Product Information:

  • NJD Code: NJD410320
  • Studio: Prodos Games
  • Game: Alien vs. Predator: The Hunt Begins
  • MSRP: $44.95
  • Materials: Resin
  • Packaging: Box
  • Release Date: May 2016


  • 3 Young Blood Predators (Assembly Required)
  • 3 Reference Cards
  • 3 Tokens
  • 3 Bases