Meet the Judges of the Golden Kobold Painting Contest!


This year at GenCon, Ninja Division Publishing and Soda Pop Miniatures are sponsoring the first ever chibi miniature painting contest; the Golden Kobold. This painting competition is open to ALL chibi miniatures; no matter the manufacturer. We believe that a strong community helps us all grow this genre we love, and encourage hobbyists to explore and produce inspiring new painted miniatures. Definition of CHIBI for the purposes of this contest:CHIBI is a Japanese slang word meaning “short person” or “small person.” It originally derived from “Chitchanabito” or “Chitchana no Hito.” In this contest, it refers to an entire sub-genre of miniatures and models used in gaming, for collecting, and painting.  CHIBI miniatures are usually small in stature, deforming key proportions to a comic-like/truncated anatomy.  This can include mechanical objects, monsters, and characters to name a few.

Our judges for the Golden Kobold competition are all experts in painting chibi miniatures and have worked with Ninja Division and Soda Pop Miniatures for many years.


Drew Drescher has been an avid painter ever since he picked up the Star Wars Miniatures Battles Game by WEG at the ripe age of 10.  Over the past decade Drew sharpened his skills painting competitively, earning six Golden Demons and five Crystal Brushes in addition to various local and regional titles.  In his free time Drew teaches painting at his local hobby store and operates a modest studio catering to private collectors and companies including Ninja Division and CMoN.  He one day aspires to be a fry cook on Venus.


Elizabeth is a professional painter as well as an multiple award winning artist that has worked with companies like Ninja Division, Kingdom Death and CoolMiniOrNot. She fell in love with chibis one year when she attended GenCon and saw the debut of Super Dungeon Explore. Little did she know that most of her painting career would revolve around so much cuteness! She also spends a lot of her time filming and teaching classes as a co-artist of Miniature Monthly, which is sponsored by Ninja Division. As a member of the Panda Cult Games team she is excited to be working on her own cartoon style miniatures for Wander: The Cult of Barnacle Bay. When not painting, Elizabeth likes pina coladas and getting caught in the rain. She’s always licks her brushes, drinking paint like champagne!


After discovering RPGs, such as RuneQuest & Dungeons and Dragons, as well as lead miniatures in the early/mid-90’s, Scott Ferguson was instantly hooked on the hobby of miniature painting. Over the last 20+ years he’s focused on making character minis for his RPG groups, display pieces and dioramas. He’s dabbled in commission work, but generally just creates for the joy of it. With the release of Super Dungeon Explore, he fell in love with painting chibi figures. His painting has gained him a solid following on Twitter, under the handle @ryglore and he also posts his work to his blog,

An avid board gamer, his favorite games are Super Dungeon Explore, Unfair, Fury of Dracula, Mystic Vale and Millennium Blades.


Mark Maxey is an award winning miniature enthusiast with over 20+ years of painting under his belt. He has worked with companies such as Ninja Division, CMON, and Impact! Finding his passon for the SD character style/chibi with his first glance at Super dungeon Explore he was hook. In Marks spare time he is an avid Anime fan and a world of warcraft player. His aspirations include making his own figures, and game design, and one day professional shark rider.