Golden Kobold Rules

Golden Kobold at Gencon 2017!


Greetings Everyone!

Ninja Division and Soda Pop Miniatures is proud to present the first annual Golden Kobold painting, taking place at Gencon in Indianapolis, Indiana August 17 – 20th. 

This painting competition is open to ALL chibi miniatures no matter the manufacturer. We believe that a strong community helps us all grow this genre we love, and encourage hobbyists to explore and produce inspiring new painted miniatures. We will update you with registration location and times as we get closer to the event, all entries need to be received by 3PM Saturday, August 19th, at the event desk.

How do I enter my Model(s)?

Entry procedure:

  • Painter takes his/her entries to the registration desk and fill out form during the posted entry times.
  • Painter will be given a claim ticket with a unique ID number on it.
  • All miniatures will be on display during the show, along with a small ID card.  The model will be judged and scored by its number, painters name will not be on the work or visible to the judge.
  • Painter will be given a time and date to collect entries after voting is complete.  The claim ticket, or positive identification will be required to collect entry.
  • Painters who make finals will be notified to be present at the awards ceremony. You must be present to be eligible to win.

Conditions of entry

  1. A Gencon Attendee Badge is required to submit entries.

  2. Limit of 1 entry per entrant, per category.

  3. Miniature may be from any “Chibi” design or product line, and is not limited to Ninja Division Products, either commercial or self made.

    1. *Definition of CHIBI for the purposes of this contest – CHIBI is a Japanese slang word meaning “short person” or “small person” – it originally derived from “Chitchanabito” or “Chitchana no Hito” In this contest, it refers to an entire sub-genre of miniatures and models used in gaming, for collecting, and painting.  CHIBI miniatures are usually small in stature, deforming key proportions to a comic-like/truncated anatomy.  This can include mechanical objects, monsters, and characters to name a few.  If for any reason the “CHIBI” qualifier is called into question by a judge or receiving staff on the contest, a final decision will be made as to whether it can be entered to be qualified for awards by the ranking judge upon time of submission.

  4. All entries must be submitted in person, before (3PM Saturday) at event location. We

  5. Entries must not have been entered previously into any publicized competition. Entries must not have been published in any professional or commercial media, either print or online, including but not limited to hobby magazines, manufacturer catalogs, advertisements, box art, or gaming materials such as character cards and rule books.

  6. Entrants are responsible for delivery of entries to and from the contest.  No storage space for transportation materials will be provided.

  7. Entrants must pick up entries Sunday by 3PM

  8. Only one painter may be listed and credited as the entrant on any joint effort entries. There will be no co-credit given or duplication of prizes.

  9. All entries must comply with Gencon standards for public display or will not be accepted. (LINK, section M) nudity, depictions of drug use…etc. If you have questions, our judges will provide feedback at registration.

  10. Painters agree to have their entries photographed, videoed, or otherwise recorded by Ninja Division Publishing LLC. and Gencon, and such recordings shall be the property of Ninja Division Publishing LLC. and Gencon and shall be used in whatever manner Ninja Division Publishing LLC. and Gencon sees fit without further reference or payment to the entrant.

  11. Entrants agree to provide all entries, at their own risk, to Ninja Division Publishing LLC. and Gencon for the duration of the competition for the purpose of display, photography, and judging.  Ninja Division Publishing LLC. and Gencon accept no responsibility for damage to or loss of entries during the competition.


Bunny Champ-Painted


  • Single Miniature – Small
    • Entry must be a single figure, where all elements are based no larger than 40mm diameter, and up to 6″ tall including any decorative basing or plinth display.
  • Single Miniature – Large
  • Entry must be a single figure, where all elements are based no larger than 80mm diameter, and up to 10″ tall including any decorative basing or plinth display.

  • Open Category
    • Entry may be any warband, squad, vehicle, bust, large model or other group.   If comprised of multiple models, they must be mounted to a display base and not as single figures. The base dimensions may not exceed a dimension of 8″ x 6″ x 10″ for all elements, models, basing decor, or other mounting.
  • Diorama Category
    • Entry may be any scene or diorama featuring models of any size.  They display may not exceed a dimension of 8″ x 8″ x 10″
  • Juniors Category
    • Must be 13 or younger to enter. Entry may be a single figure, monstern squad, or diorama. Where all elements are based and no larger than 6” diameter, and up to 6″ tall including any decorative basing or display.

Prizes for each category will be awarded for 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place.

  • 1st – Golden Kobold

  • 2nd – Silver Kobold

  • 3rd – Bronze Kobold

An overall Best of Show winner will be specially selected by our judges for a unique prize and the adoration of all! More details to follow! Get those brushes ready! Plan those conversions! On your marks, get set, GO!
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