Kickstarter Projects Rundown: All Project Status

Kickstarter Projects Rundown: All Project Status

Last Update: 10/19/2017


We know that many of you are unhappy with us right now. We have heard you, and we are here to be as upfront and honest as we possibly can be. It is regretful that it had to get to this point for us to listen. But we needed a kick to our rears, and we’re glad we got it.

Communication on our Kickstarters for the past few months has been poor. With projects is delayed and not enough clarity from us. We take full responsibility and offer no excuses. It deeply saddens everyone here that our relationship with our fans has been so thoroughly damaged. We love what we do. We love the games we make. We love the worlds we build. And you are the reason we get to keep doing it. We need to be more open with you, we need to work harder for you. From this point forward, we intend to make that happen until there is a giant box of chibi miniatures sitting on your doorstep, and beyond.

We understand that these words may sound hollow. And you may think that we will have one solid update, or keep this up for a few weeks and then stop. But we are in this for the long haul. If you doubt us, that is understandable. Trust needs to be earned over time and with honesty. We sincerely hope that you will give us the time to earn yours back. But, if not, we understand.

This Kickstarter Update Compendium is intended for backers to reference common questions, concerns, and status updates of your backed projects, as you wait for delivery. We will work to update this compendium as we get more information, but it currently goes to lengths to answer key questions outstanding about the status of backer rewards across our various projects. If you have any questions about your pledge, please reach out to us at

Live Q&A Sessions




Status Summary: Product has been manufactured and delivery to backers is ongoing. Currently, all US backers pledges have been shipped as completely as currently possible. However, it was discovered that some components were missing, specifically expansion dice and dealer screen(s). Additionally, card sleeves are still awaiting manufacturing and are currently delayed. Delivery for non-US backers’ pledges is still awaiting transit.


We apologize for the items that are currently outstanding. Since none of the missing items made the game unplayable, we made the decision to ship out all of the pledges we could so that you could begin playing your game, while we worked to finalize the missing items and complete shipment of your rewards. Below is an item-by-item breakdown of each missing item.

If you are missing any of the items below, you do not need to email us. We are already aware of the issue and you will be sent the items automatically. Also, note that this issue pertains to US backer pledges only. This issue should have been fixed for international orders prior to leaving the factory and they should be 100% complete.

Expansion Dice: Currently the expansion dice are in our warehouse awaiting the Dealer Screens to ship together.

Dealer Screens: Dealer Screens have completed manufacturing and are awaiting tracking information from the ship to know when it will arrive in port. We estimate 25 – 28 days on the water, then customary customs clearance times which can vary immensely. Once the Dealer Screens arrive we will pack them up with the dice and get them out to everybody who is missing them.

Card Sleeves: We are currently finalizing the manufacturer for the sleeves, and will provide a timeline for their delivery as soon as possible. We know they are late and are working hard to expedite them. We apologize for their continued delay.

Straight-up we underestimated the difficulty we would have with the card sleeve production, and it has been an ongoing struggle. Unfortunately, for a long time it has been one we have struggled to get a handle on, hence our lack of definitive information on them. Here is what has and is going on with the card sleeves. We thought having cool card sleeves for Rail Raider would be a fun and easy stretch goal for the campaign. Originally we had three goals planned with three different awesome backs. We did our due diligence and got our base quotes on cost and everything was good. Mid Kickstarter, we began having difficulty nailing down the original quotes. Because of this we withdrew the two additional sleeve stretch goals we had planned, but not revealed, and began looking for a solution. Thus began a several months’ long search for manufacturing that could hit our required cost estimates. Rail Raiders was only a $50 pledge, and with the many other freebies we were promising there was only so much room within the pledge for the cost of the sleeves. This made it so we had difficulty knowing how many we were going to be able to send. This was a bone-headed decision on our part, because in our hope to provide you with a firm number it instead made it a huge question mark that was just constantly unanswered. We handled it entirely incorrectly and for that we sincerely apologize. Now, all of that said what is going on with the sleeves? The number of sleeves that will be provided will be a standard pack of 50 sleeves. The sleeves are still awaiting production. We do not currently have a production date for them, as we work through our backlog we will provide you with an update as soon as we have the information available. Once again, we apologize for the ongoing card sleeve saga, and we guarantee we will get them to you and hope that in the meantime you enjoy playing your games of Rail Raiders.

Downloadable Scenario: The downloadable scenario has been completed and released to backers. You can get it here!

We have also made pdfs of the expansion rulesets available for download:

The Good, The Bad, and The Bot

Old Tyme Religion


Why have Global pledge fulfillments been such a long time after the US ones?

We understand that it sucks that those of you not in US are still waiting for your deliveries. The number of US pledges was in a large enough quantity to fill a container to ship directly to the US immediately. While the Global pledges were not sufficient to fill a container, the Way of the Fighter product was soon to be complete and with both pledges combined were enough to fill the container. At that time we made the decision to hold the shipment so that both shipments could be consolidated for shipping to their international hubs. We have received estimates that the ship with your pledges will be leaving port early October and then our distribution hubs will fulfill your pledges as quickly as possible. We apologize for the gap between the US and Global shipments. For future projects we will do everything we can to minimize that gap.

What is the timetable on the delivery of international RRI orders?

We are currently awaiting tracking information from the ship to know when it will reach port. We have been informed it will be available on or around Oct 20. Once we have this information we will be able to provide you with a more solid timeline.

Didn’t what we paid for shipping cover the cost of the container?

No. The shipping you pay only goes towards the cost of actual postage from the fulfillment center to your residence. Costs for shipping from China and distribution hubs around the world are paid for by Soda Pop.

I’m a US backer and still have not received my pledge or my pledge was incomplete.

We have has some returns and some bad addresses, also if you did not complete the pledge manager and pay for shipping your pledge was not shipped.  Please contact us at and we will get you your pledge! We also have 35 outstanding orders that are waiting on missing expansions that we did not receive in sufficient quantities in our first shipment. We have reached out to this customers and will be shipping your pledges once the new container (which also contains the missing items arrives).

Why did you sell Rail Raiders at Gencon?

This was a difficult decision, and we made the decision only because US fulfillment was simultaneously occurring at our warehouse. We chose to limit the release at Gencon to the base game, Candy and Cola. Our goal was to promote Rail Raider during the largest event of the season increase awareness of the product.

Why are you selling Rail Raiders in retail?

With the production delay of Rail Raiders, it was vital for us to get it into the market to take advantage of the marketing outreach already initiated in support of the Kickstarter fulfillment. Overall industry buzz is crucial to the launch of a product such as this, and we want to make sure we produce, market, and sell games that will provide ongoing entertainment for backers and retail consumers around the world.

Rail Raiders Infinite had a planned retail launch after we had filled pledges in North America. That release schedule has a staggered release of the Rail Raiders Infinite line, beginning with the core game and Cowpuncher Candy. We understand that there were issues (as discussed in this document) with components not being in your pledges, and that caused delay for the retail release of these products as well. Backers come first. The plan remains the same outside of North America. Backers will receive their pledges first, before regional distribution has stock of the product.

Why didn’t we get a retail box?

The Lawbot Lockbox was designed as the Kickstarter special edition box for the product, similar to what we did for the Ninja All-Stars Kickstarter edition box. We apologize that we did make that clearer.

What is the Lawbot Lock Box?

The Lawbot Lock Box was a Kickstarter stretch goal to provide backers with an exclusive collector’s edition box for Rail Raiders as a thank you for backing. It was specifically designed to be able to hold your entire Rail Raiders collection, including all expansions, their cards, tiles, and the special promo figures which were unlocked as free rewards during the Kickstarter.

Once again we apologize that it was not clear that the Lawbot Lock Box was an upgrade that would replace the retail packaging. We have some pictures of the Lock Box below. The pictures show it holding the entire Rail Raiders collection including expansions.




Why aren’t the Lawbots’ bases blue like on the Kickstarter page?

Our initial digital mockups of the miniatures in the game showed a single cast process that had our lawbots in all blue plastic. This was a form we were looking at as we were developing new ways to produce miniatures with solid plastic bases like our Ninja All Stars ones. However, during the production process we had to move to the current slot-base system. We failed to inform backers about the change, and it was not until we released pictures of the production models that we discovered that the color of the base would be an issue for some backers.

If Way of the Fighter and Rail Raiders’ global pledges are now in the same containers what are the shipping estimates for global fulfillment and replacement pieces?

  • US bound shipment leave port est. Sept 30th Oct 11th → 2 containers of product, and replacement components, Canadian product, Way of the Fighter – confirmation of shipping date to come on 9/29 and forwarded to freight forwarders for Canadian fulfillment. Time on water est. 28 days.
  • Australia – leave port est. Oct 20th following “GOLDEN WEEK” – both RRI, and WotF will be fulfilled.  Time on water est. 14 days.
  • Asia – leave port est. Oct 20th following “GOLDEN WEEK” – both RRI, and WotF will be fulfilled. Time on water est. 14 days.
  • EU – leave port est. Oct 20th following  “GOLDEN WEEK” – both RRI, and WotF will be fulfilled.  est. Time on water est. 28 days.

Will there be a Canadian shipping hub?

The volume of orders did not hit our normal minimum to set up a Canadian hub. However, we are aware that many backers pledged with that expectation. We are looking into all methods possible to ensure you do not incur additional customs expenses. If that necessitates setting up a hub, despite the volume of orders, we will do so!




This kickstarter has taken significantly more time than we intended. That is on us, and nobody else. Part of the reason is that we kept adding to it: we revised the game into an entirely new edition, turned a level box into the core Arcade box with all of the dice and tokens and cards that go with that, turned a handful of pets into an expansion with a rulebook and tile, added alternate art character cards, and included a King Starfire model. We did this because we love the world, we love the game, and we want you to love it too. But at some point we need to stop adding, hunker down, execute, and deliver. From this point forward that will be our intention, and our promise. We sincerely apologize for allowing things to get to this point.

Can we see some test molds or models?

Absolutely! Below are some photos of models from the Arcade box still on the sprue from mold tests. Overseas communication can be difficult and we wrangled these this morning, so we do not have photos of every mold for every model, however we will make those available in upcoming updates as we are able. You have spoken loudly and clearly about the importance of production photos, so expect many more of these in the updates to come! All of these photos are of models still on the sprue. They have not yet been cleaned and assembled. You can click on the links for larger images.

What is the estimated delivery date for wave 1?

Production of wave 1 will begin November 2017, and we estimate delivery (models on your doorstep) to happen mid April 2018.

Why 2018?

Hi girls and guys, Deke here and yaaaaaa….. That is a year delay from our last estimate isn’t it? Nggggh it makes my head hurt too because we really want this in our hands as well. Not to mention the opportunity to develop more Super Dungeon stuff and, you know, sell some new Super Dungeon stuff. This one is pretty much on my shoulders and for that I apologize. Okay, so what happened that got us here? Let’s dig in.

Well, first the scope of the project ballooned. What began as an incremental revision to Explore and Arcade with a Legends that was little more than a basic expansion…expanded…and expanded. When we first went into Kickstarter a good chunk of the work was, I thought, done. I just needed to playtest 2nd edition and finish up Legends and we were good. Unfortunately, feedback for the 2nd Edition revisions were….poor. Like bring me a bottle of bourbon and reflect on what you’ve done to your beloved game poor. So after a bunch of reflection I rewrote, discarded, rewrote, discarded, and rewrote some more. I had gotten caught in a cycle where I just wasn’t liking any of it, determined to get the damned thing right. It was at that point obvious that I had become too close to 2nd Edition and needed some fresh eyes. Enter Justin.

Justin came in like a spring rain and revitalized 2nd Edition. I loved his ideas and could see that he was going to build on Super Dungeon’s foundation to make a superior product. Along the way, the changes became significant and so we guaranteed our Dark Consul Backers a copy of the rulebook. The changes to Arcade also became significant enough that it was apparent that Arcade could no longer just be an extra book with a deck of cards thrown in the Explore box and needed its own box so it could become fully realized. So we upgraded the Midnight Tower level box to a complete game all its own with all the trimmings.

During this time, I was still working with the idea the Legends, while separate would largely remain an expansion to Explore and Arcade. So before I could work on Legends I needed to see the final form of Explore and Arcade. Like many in the company, I wear several hats so focused on my other duties while Justin brought Explore and Arcade to where they needed to be.

As they began to be finalized, I realized a few things. First, the two games had evolved to the point that making Legends work for both of them was going to be a nightmare if not impossible. Additionally, that Legends as currently envisioned was going repeat the mistakes of my first draft of 2nd Edition and just pile too many things on top of a Super Dungeon game that was not designed to be played in that way. The core problem with my 2nd Edition drafts was that they tried to do way too many things simultaneously and suffered from some serious bloat and conflict. Super Dungeon Explore needed to be allowed to stay what it was, tightly aligned to that great experience provided from 1st Edition. Likewise, Arcade needed to build and grow from the initial offering present by Forgotten King. That meant Legends needed to be able to stand on its own as well, while still retaining use of common elements such as dice, models, and tiles.

This was extremely liberating and in a flurry I cranked out my first super early Alpha draft of Legends. Justin and the the rest the team liked the concept and so I prepared to dig in. Then my heart decided to, uh, break…? As I’ve said in an early comment a while ago, generally we avoid detailing private matters in public, but unfortunately this one has seriously effected a super important project and since these FAQs are all about full disclosure….

Anyway, after an ambulance ride and a hospital stay my ticker was in lame shape. In short, I was hospitalized three times and put through a stupid battery of medications, electro-shocked once (controlled not flatline), and now have a small pharmacy at home. My business partners and employees through this were incredible. Immediately, pulling anything and everything off my plate as quickly as they could while maintaining their own duties as well. I do not envy the stress they took on, and am truly blessed to have them at my side. This whole ordeal pretty much sidelined me as a full-time hardworker for 4-6 months. I would peck away at the duties I had retained, but was dealing with emotions, bad health, and medication calibrations that were keeping me sporadically dizzy. Unfortunately, through this all….I refused to let go of Legends. I have wanted to write Super Dungeon RPG adventures since we started this game and I was damned if I was going to lose it.

Since that period I am doing well. I’ve been 100% full time for, eh, about two months and am onboarding my duties as fast as possible, with the primary one being Legends. I’m also kicking ass on the health front, down 100lbs, and doing well enough that my Cardiologist thinks I may be able to completely avoid the three surgeries they originally wanted to do if I keep it up.

Selfish? Wrong? Blerg? Probably. But I did it. For that and the delays it has caused I apologize. But our goal remains nothing less than to bring you the most badass versions of Super Dungeon that have graced your tabletops, with so many ways to play you can enjoy it with any audience and whatever your current mood.

What will be in wave 1?

Wave 1 will include the following:

  • Super Dungeon: Explore 2nd Edition core box
  • Crownguard Warband
  • Frostbyte Ravagers Warband
  • King Starfire
  • Captain of the Guard Hero/Mini-Boss
  • Rimefrost Warlord Hero/Mini-Boss 

We will also endeavor to get as much additional stuff as possible into this first wave, but the above are the definites.

What is the status of wave 1?

Wave 1 is 100% print ready, with all proofs approved internally, eproofs will still be needed from the manufacturer. The next step is to begin physical manufacturing on November 1st. This will involve a quality check of the miniatures with printed samples before approving the final run. You will be updated on and involved in this process with photographs of the test models. Understand that we cannot incorporate all feedback and not every person is a fan of every model, but if you see issues you can point them out and we will not leave you with any surprises.

Is the same manufacturer creating all components for Wave 1? Casting plastic and printing are two distinct processes, and seems unlikely to be under one roof. Where does progress sit on minis versus progress on tiles and books?

We work with a factory group that manages the manufacturing of various products, materials, and print. They occupy many buildings in an area of China with some entire buildings dedicated to print and storage, some with multiple levels dedicated to mold making, casting, paint, vulcanizing rubber and pvc, and injection molded plastics.

All print has been delivered for test print, and can begin any time. This involves print and assembly of all boxes, tokens and tiles, and ends with the packing of all physical elements, dice, minis, bagging, and prep for shipping to our warehouse in the US. Print has not yet begun.

Will product ship to the EU at the same time as it ships to US backers?

International shipping is a complicated thing and delays happen, ships can be delayed and customs can extend timelines. That said, all of our backers, everywhere in the world are equally important to us. You are all part of the reason we get to keep making the games we love, regardless of where you live.

While we cannot guarantee simultaneous delivery, we are working to have a single departure date from the factory in China for all of our product. From there it will ship to various international shipping hubs around the world. Once it is there, it will ship from the hub nearest you to your doorstep. Below are estimated timelines for shipping product from the factory to the listed regional hub:

  • US/North American/Canadian Backers
    25 days
  • Asia Pacific/China
    7 days
  • Australia/NZ
    14 days
  • EU/UK
    30 days

If the rules were holding things up, why didn’t you send the models first and rules later?

Super Dungeon is a board game, and the models and print are intricately linked together. While we know some of you only want the models for hobby reasons, that is not the product Super Dungeon is or what this project was for. Additionally, shipping the rules separate from the models would involve doubling the packaging and the shipping, which also doubles the room for error.

What will each pledge receive? I am unclear about what is in my pledge.

We understand that this is a large and complex kickstarter, thank you for asking! We have a comprehensive list of what is in each individual pledge in the following update:

If that update does not have the info you need, please post a question in the main comments section of this kickstarter and Justin will get back to you

Will we receive retail packaging with the products in our pledges?

The only products for which we guarantee retail packaging will be the Super Dungeon: Explore core box, Super Dungeon: Arcade core box, and Super Dungeon: Legends core box. All other items will be shipped inside of the Bitey Book, as that is designed to conveniently carry your models from this kickstarter. Both warbands will have their retail packaging “flat packed” in the box. Some items may be shipped in regular cardboard boxes. The packaging will be handled in the exact same manner as the models in the Forgotten King kickstarter, if you are familiar with it.

While we understand that retail packaging is preferable to some of you, the core game boxes will absolutely have retail packaging, and the Bitey Book is an excellent and stylish container for your models. If this differs from your expectations, we apologize. We should have communicated this more clearly earlier.

I am concerned because Ninja Division and Soda Pop Miniatures do share creative resources. Will other projects cause delays or sap resources from Super Dungeon?

No, other projects will not cause delays for Super Dungeon. Deke and Justin are heading up Legends design, and the rest of the content is the sole project of our graphic artist. The Starfinder miniatures, as an example, are being produced in an entirely different factory (on a different continent in fact) from Super Dungeon, and will not take up a factory slot. While we understand your very valid concerns about other projects causing delays, know that Super Dungeon is the product that launched this company. It is the heart and soul of this company. We love it, and it is the top priority of everyone involved with it.

Why has communication about the status of this project been inconsistent?

Deke was the driving force behind the communication with our Kickstarter backers. Sadly, he suffered some heart trouble in early 2017 (though he is now back and in the saddle!). This left us scrambling in a few areas, especially communication. Understand that this is not an excuse. Someone should have been slated to fill Deke’s communication role immediately, and that was not done. That is on us. Without a consistent person singularly in charge of communication, communication floundered, and inaccurate, incomplete, or contradictory information was sometimes released. Know that this was not intentional – it was merely the result of having no single person in charge of communication – but it was also completely unacceptable. We take responsibility and apologize. This will not happen again.

You have talked a lot about wave 1, what about wave 2?

There are many components in wave 2, so we have broken them up below:

  • Arcade
    • All components are completely laid out including the rulebook, cards, tokens, and box. It will be proofed over the course of next week, and you will see a fully laid out rulebook next Friday.
    • The miniatures are sculpted, and the molds are ready.
  • Legends
    • The Legends books have been written and the next step is to start a playtest cycle. We expect this to take two months, and lay out cannot begin until playtesting is complete.
    • The miniatures are sculpted, but the molds still need to be made.
    • Cover art is in progress.
  • Pet Parade
    • Pet Parade is fully written and tested, but it needs to be laid out and proofed.
    • The miniatures are sculpted, but the molds still need to be made.
    • Cover art is complete.
  • Bosses of Legend
    • These miniatures are written and playtested, and they are currently being laid out by our graphic artist.
    • The miniatures are sculpted, but the molds still need to be made.
  • Assorted individual miniatures
    • These are written and playtested, and will likely be laid out immediately after the bosses of legend.
    • The miniatures are sculpted, but the molds still need to be made.

We expect Legends to be done and fully laid out by the middle of next January. All other wave 2 content will be laid out within the next month. We are considering breaking Legends off into a third wave in order to get you the rest of wave 2 earlier, however that has not been decided.

Can we see all of the sculpts? Are they all complete?

All of the sculpts are complete. We have compiled them in the file below for you to be able to download and view.

Super Dungeon Sculpt Compendium

What stage is Arcade in development and layout?

The Arcade Rulebook has been laid out, and is currently going through editing to be finalized. You can look at the current version below:

Super Dungeon: Arcade Rulebook

Can we see pictures of any completed molds?

Pictures of the molds for the Crown Guard and Frostbyte Ravagers were posted in the Kickstarter Update.

Do my Forgotten King-era Super Dungeon cards still work in 2nd Edition?

Yes! A few of the cards may receive a slight errata, but will all work with 2nd Edition. Cards with errata will be announced officially and a free PDF will be provided.

Any future lore books planned for Super Dungeon?

The Explorer’s Guide in Legends has tons of lore on the world of Crystalia. Beyond that we have much more to share so we will see what the future brings!

Do you have anything to say about future Super Dungeon product?

Not at this time. As previously announced Frostbyte Reach will be the next realm we explore, but right now all of our efforts are focused on getting these kickstarters out to you!

​Given that the Hexcast Sorceress and the Deeproot Druid has been taken out of the 2nd Edition box, how will they be packaged?

The Hexcast Sorceress will come in the Super Dungeon: Arcade box (Midnight Tower) and the Deeproot Druid will come in its own package. If you pledged for the kickstarter you will receive all models which were promised in your pledge, including the Druid and Sorceress.

​Given that you did “gender swaps” for the base game heroes, have you considered gender swaps for other characters such as the Deeproot Wolf Rider, Tabbybrook Mage, and Von Wilding?

Not at this time, but in the future anything is possible!

When will we see Sapphire and Citrine?

Sapphire is currently searching for clues for her missing sister Amethyst in the Frostbyte Reach. Citrine has a bit of wanderlust and has been seen as far afield as the Glauerdoom Moor, Clockwork Cove, and even the Arcadian Dunes!

Will you be reprinting Von Drakk Manor?

Yes! A Von Drakk Manor reprint is coming. Stay tuned for a future announcement on its re-release.

What, exactly, is Super Dungeon: Legends?

Super Dungeon: Legends is a Super Dungeon RPG-lite adventure board game set in the world of Crystalia. Legends allows you to play interconnected adventures to experience a unique story and build your own unique Hero. Legends uses all of your existing Super Dungeon models, dice, and dungeon tiles, allowing you to use them in a brand new way! The core game engine, while modified to better suit Legends game play, still utilizes the same mechanics as all Super Dungeon games, making it easy for any Super Dungeon fan to learn to play.

You say Legends is an RPG-lite, what is an RPG-lite? Is this still a board game?

Legends is definitely still a board game! By RPG-lite, we mean that Legends takes elements from traditional pen-and-paper roleplaying games (RPGs) to help create a narrative experience, while still retaining its core board game identity. Specifically, Legends introduces the ability to build your own Heroes who progress in rank and power as they play in more adventures; as well as the ability to introduce roleplaying and storytelling into your games. We call it an RPG-lite, because there is minimal bookkeeping and the action is still firmly rooted to the board game experience.

Is Legends compatible with Explore, Arcade, or Arena?

Legends uses all of the same miniatures, dice, dungeon tiles, and key mechanics as other Super Dungeon games. However, it has its own cards, decks, and rules of play that are designed specifically with Legends in mind.

None of the other three Super Dungeon games were designed with the intention of narrative play and we found that attempting to make Legends a direct expansion for any of these products caused it to become unwieldy and overly complicated, as it attempted to use games that were not designed to handle Legend’s style of play.

How much writing is involved in ranking up a Hero in Legends?

Very little! Most of the information you need is already printed on your Hero’s class card. When you chose your Hero’s job you will write down the corresponding job ability. As your Hero ranks up you will eventually learn two new abilities that you will need to write in. That’s it.

You can also color in dice and heart slots as your attributes increase, which is fun and makes your Hero card colorful, but it is not strictly necessary.

Why did you choose not to include a card for every Hero ability in Legends?

The design of the game evolved with further development, and with that change the components have also changed. You see this in a number of places where components increased: The Midnight Tower is now a full core game with dice and tokens, a handful of pets became an expansion with a book, etc. Where development showed that more components would improve a product, we added them, regardless of cost. And where it showed that removing them improved the product, we removed them. We are not pinching pennies over a few cards. We have chosen not to print cards for every single ability because we legitimately feel it makes for a better product. Legends came to kickstarter as a game in development. We were (and still are) excited to have your feedback, and it has led to some great things, thank you! But the flip side of that coin is that sometimes things will change, and that includes components, where necessary.

So, we have said that we are not adding cards for every ability because it makes the game better, but how does it make the game better?

Having abilities in the book allows us to make many, many more abilities! Not just in the core game, but in future expansions. It opens up the possibilities for the characters you can create and the stories you can tell. If we set the expectation that every ability has a card, we will have to maintain that with future expansions, and it will result in fewer options. Also, it would add hundreds of cards to the core game and there would be many situations where a player would search through those hundreds of cards, looking for a single copy of a single ability card. This lengthens set up and potentially causes frustration. Finally, having players write in a few abilities (again, they’re not creating an entire DnD character – they write a single ability onto a premade card for character creation and write in two more as they advance) solidifies this as an RPG-lite. It takes some of the best elements of RPGs (story advancement and the wide degree of choice involved with making a Hero) and combines it with some great tabletop elements, creating a product you can use to introduce your children or non-gamer friends to RPGs without scaring them off.

What is the item deck? How is it different than the loot or wonder deck?

Let’s go over all three deck types!

Loot Deck: Loot is basic low level equipment that you earn during adventures. You can hold onto this loot from adventure to adventure or break it down into components which may be used for various things.

Wonder Deck: Wonders are equivalent to treasures from the other Super Dungeon games. You can earn them through adventures, or you can craft them yourself using components you find or gain from breaking down loot.

Item Deck: Items are one use consumables. Often these are awesome potions, but can be other sorts of interesting one use items. Items are earned through gashapon capsules drawn from the loot deck or by going to the store and buying them.

I am curious about the corridor and side room tiles. Will they have any spawn points or special terrain on them?

Side rooms will be 6×6 and corridors will be 4×8. They are designed to provide you with more options for unique and interesting dungeon layouts. Because they are small they will not be over populated with tile effects. One side will feature Dragonback Peaks theme and the other side will feature a Midnight Tower theme.

Any chance in a future update we could see some images of what they look like?

Absolutely! We’ll share images as soon as they are ready.

It has been mentioned before that there will be door tokens. How will these be used in the game?

Doors are used in two different ways. They can be laid over walls on dungeon tiles to create doorways that did not previously exist, or they can be used as obstacles hindering the Heroes’ path until they accomplish some task such as finding a key or defeating a monster.

What function will the NPC miniatures have in Legends?

NPCs will all have unique roles and rules in the Consul’s Grimoire. These are usually basic benefits that Heroes can gain if they interact with the NPC. They are also used in adventures in any manner the Consul wishes. For example, the introductory adventure The Road to Crystalia Castle requires that the Heroes rescue Ser Charles.

When will we be able to playtest the first Legends campaign?

We will be rolling out playtest campaigns in stages of 1 – 2 adventures at a time. We are nearly complete with our first set and will have it to you soon!

The Playing Arcade Style rules are pretty basic. Are they going to be made more robust?

As stated in the rules, Legends is primarily designed to be played with a Consul player. This allows players to take full advantage of the narrative and storytelling elements provided by Legends. However, we also recognize that many game groups do not have a player willing to be the Consul. Playing Arcade Style provides basic guidelines for playing without a Consul. We have intentionally left the rules in the Consul’s Grimoire basic, so that we have more freedom from adventure to adventure to provide guidance for how monsters behave. This will allow a wider range of monster behaviors that are relevant to the specific adventure they are in, rather than being forced to follow only generic guidelines for the core book that may limit their ability to be used across a wide array of adventures and situations.




The Relic Knights Kickstarter now has a rules revision that is going to result in delays. Why is that?

During development playtesting and backer feedback revealed some areas in gameplay and design that were problems for testers and for our creative team. Knowing full well that revising the core rules would cause a delay, and conscious of our other projects, we made the decision in order to make the final game as strong as possible. However, the scope of this redesign has not been nearly as exhaustive as Super Dungeon: Legends and we have already completed the core rules redesign, and are rigorously testing of the product and new units, with a target of turning over final files for Wave 1 content by the end of November 2017, Wave 2 content for production by the end of January 2018, and Wave 3 for March 2018.

What is in each wave?

In broad strokes the waves are:

  • Wave 1  
    • 2.0 Starter Box
    • Assorted Miniatures
  • Wave 2  
    • Relic Knights: 2nd Edition Rulebook
    • Upgrade Deck
    • Assorted Miniatures
  • Wave 3 .
    • Void Break Rulebook
    • Remaining miniatures and cards

We are currently reconfirming the miniatures for each wave and will post a complete list in a future update.

There are still a few miniatures we have not yet seen, what is their current status?

  • Darkspace Mecha Musume Candy (DONE)
  • Darkspace Delphyne (DONE)
  • Doctrine Fiametta Resculpt (DONE)
  • Noh Empire Serpent Priestess with options (DONE)
  • Darkspace Novitiates Team (In Progress)
  • Black Diamond Leopold Magnus and Static (Not Started)
  • Doctrine Novitiates Resculpts (Not Started)
  • Darkspace Kenobo (Not Started)
  • Zineda the Prophet (Not Started)

When does the Wave 1 Pledge Manager close?

October 2nd

After the Wave 1 Pledge Manager closes, will I still be able to purchase items from Wave 2 and Wave 3!


Are we still getting cards with our models?

Yes. The card deck was moved to Wave 2, but is still coming.

Do you have a new estimate for when each Wave will ship?

Our current estimate is Spring 2018. Miniatures and molds for Wave 1 is mostly complete with a few issues arising with the Tonnerian Bounty Hunter, necessitating a new mold. We have taken the opportunity to also improve a few components, such as redesigning the cardstock buildings for a more robust design, and adding a larger playmat to the Starter Box.

I’m aware there is another pass at the Relic Knights stats and costings of non-starter set units. Will there be a further pass of starter set cadres?

Yes, we are doing more passes on all of the models. We are currently doing rigorous testing in office, as well as using all public beta feedback we receive.

Way of the Fighter


Why aren’t the miniatures shipping with the board game?

The miniatures and game itself are being made by two different manufacturing groups. When production of the board game was complete, we wanted to get it into your hands as soon as possible. Since, Way of the Fighter in no way requires the miniatures to play we made the decision to ship the two separately at our cost.

What is the status of the miniatures?

The miniatures are sculpted, and the files are with the 3D printer for proofing for the resin casting technique, which requires additional tweaking on their end to make them as single cast miniatures that do not have to be assembled. Once we have approved their adjustments, we will move to mold making and casting. We are currently awaiting a time estimate and will provide you with details as soon as we have them, and the process continues.

When will the Way of Fighter, ‘Super Dungeon Cosplay’ models be delivering?

These models will be delivered along with the other Way of the Fighter miniatures, which are currently in the engineering and mold making stage of manufacturing. When we have a delivery estimate we will update you through the Kickstarter.

Will there be a Canadian shipping hub?

The volume of orders did not hit our normal minimum to set up a Canadian hub. However, we are aware that many backers pledged with that expectation. We are looking into all methods possible to ensure you do not incur additional customs expenses. If that necessitates setting up a hub, despite the volume of orders, we will do so!


What is the difference between Ninja Division and Soda Pop Miniatures?

We apologize for any confusion we have caused in clearly delineating the two companies. While both Ninja Division and Soda Pop work closely together they are two distinct companies. Ninja Division Publishing is a publisher of tabletop games. Soda Pop Miniatures is a design studio. Ninja Division publishes Soda Pop’s range of products such as Super Dungeon and Relic Knights, along with many other wonderful games by different studios. While in the beginning Ninja Division and Soda Pop shared many studio resources Ninja Division has since grown to incorporate its own studio elements. This allows Soda Pop to work exclusively on Soda Pop’s core brands, while allowing Ninja Division to pursue exciting opportunities as well.

Why is the Starfinder KS running under Ninja Division and not Soda Pop?

Ninja Division has the license to develop and publish the Starfinder Miniatures line. Soda Pop does not. Ninja Division’s studio has done all of the development for the project, while Soda Pop continues to focus on development of its existing projects.

What is happening with the Siege of the Citadel chibi miniatures?

As longtime Mutant Chronicles fans we were delighted to have the opportunity to make some of our favorite characters in chibi form. We are currently finalizing rules for the models which will allow you to field the Heroes and monsters in your games of Super Dungeon. All of the models have completed sculpting. They will be resin cast and delivered by Mophidius as part of their Kickstarter.

What happened to Warforged: First Contact?

That was a collaboration to make rules and miniatures. The project is currently cancelled and will be examined to be relaunched at a later date.

How did you have time to make GUTS models when you still have outstanding Kickstarters?

Our delays in our other Kickstarters are currently due to rules development and production issues, not sculpting. This provides an opening for our sculptors to begin exploring prototypes for future projects.

How do you have time to do Doomseeker (Warhammer Old-World) when you still have outstanding Kickstarters:

Like Starfinder, Doomseeker is a product licensed and developed by Ninja Division, not Soda Pop. It is being worked on by Ninja Division’s studio.

What was your involvement with Zero Agents? It now appears to be defunct.

We thought their game looked neat, and agreed to allow them to have Candy and Cola make a cameo in it. Beyond that, neither Ninja Division nor Soda Pop have any involvement with the project. We sincerely apologize is us allowing them to use our characters led you to back a bad project. We have learned our lesson and will better vet future uses of our properties.

What’s going on with Ninja All-Stars?

We haven’t forgotten it! As a Soda Pop game we have been required to hold on our planned Ninja All-Stars expansions, while we catch up with our current project load. Don’t worry though, we have awesome plans!

When is the latest I can change my address for an undelivered kickstarter?

Please change your address no later than eight weeks before fulfillment begins, so that we can provide our fulfillment centers with accurate shipping information.

​Do you run live events for you games anywhere?

We have a dedicated Ninja Corps of volunteers who run events throughout the world. If your area does not have a Ninja Corps volunteer, you might consider becoming one yourself! The company only runs events at conventions we attend as a company, such as Gen Con.