Clan Ijin

Clan Ijin is a clan expansion for Ninja All-Stars which contains enough miniatures to build a complete Ijin-themed team. Clan boxes feature dynamic and unique sculpts for players’ favorite teams. They also introduce two powerful new troop types to players’ existing collections: large-sized Oni and a fearsome clan Hero.

Clan Ijin value strength above all else.  Composed of leaders who won their positions in hard fought battles of martial prowess, all in Clan Ijin are intense, fierce, and even a bit intolerable of others. This reputation precedes them, as many clans refuse to to travel to their lands out of fear of attack or imprisonment. While the Ijin can be cruel and rancorous, outsiders that can match their mettle with the might of their clan earn the respect of all and are granted the privilege to treat and trade with the clan.


  • Introduces Two New Unit Types
  • 14 Fully Assembled Models
  • Dark Demon Ninja Theme

Product Information:

  • NJD Code: NJD010400
  • Studio: Soda Pop Miniatures
  • Game: Ninja All-Stars
  • MSRP: $36.95
  • Materials: Plastic models, print
  • Packaging: Box
  • Release Date: August 2016


  • 1 Ijin Chunin
  • 3 Ijin Kaiken
  • 2 Ijin Yajiri
  • 2 Ijin Oni
  • 3 Ijin Kunoichi
  • 2 Ijin Madoushi
  • 1 Bomechan Hero
  • 1 Clan Ijin Reference Card
  • 1 Bomechan Reference Card

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Ninja All-Stars

Forming the crescent moon shape that is so well known to Kagejima’s cartographers, south of the Moon Princess’s palace, lies the great gulf of skulls. Deep caverns, barred with iron and oak, guarded by stone carved war gods serve as the only warning for anyone foolish enough to traverse this blasted landscape. Within the dark caverns reside the flinty residents of this inhospitable land. Adept at working in darkness, and sculpted by hard labor, the people of this region are tough, iron fisted, and suffer no insult. These are the lands of the Ijin clan.

The Ijin value strength above all else. Their clan is founded upon the belief that might makes right. All leadership and societal positions within the clan are won based on martial prowess. The Ijin believe that the weak should serve the strong. The harshness of their homeland has honed them into an efficient, focused culture with little room for indulgence.

Void Witches are an exception to the Ijin’s strength based society. These elder Maudoushi mystics act as advisors to the warrior leaders of the Ijin. Most of the clan view Void Witches with suspicion, as the Ijin mistrust the arcane or esoteric, but the witches’ supernatural powers require that the clan treats them with respect.

Many clans refuse to travel to the lands of the Ijin, even by sea, as the locals are not only harsh of tongue but extremely critical of outsiders, and prone to locking away travelers in iron cages deep within the mountains. While Ijin can be rebellious and cruel, outsiders that are able to show strength earn respect and are granted privilege to treat and trade with the clan.

The Moon Palace is just another castle, and castles were built to fall.

Bomechan has made no secret of the fact that she sees herself on the Moon Throne.

Aspiring leaders and skilled fighters within the clan are called upon to lead their own team of ninja at the Moonlight Tournament as Chunin. This is an incredible honor, and the trials to come will not only test a Chunin’s leadership and skills, but their spirit as well.

Kaiken are the backbone of the clans. To be a Kaiken is not to be relegated to a basic or low role. Kaiken are masters of the art of stealth, the sword, the shuriken. As their experience grows they learn to tap the elemental magic of Kagejima, unlocking potent abilities to rival even the great Heroes.

Yajiri specialize in attacking from afar. Their black shafted arrows renowned for striking with deadly accuracy. While the bow is utilized throughout all the clans, many have developed their own unique forms of ranged warfare. No matter the form it takes, a yajiri’s value to their clan cannot be underestimated.

Kunoichi are specialized female fighters and scouts for the clans, and put particular emphasis on speed and agility.  Kunoichi focus on key mission objectives such as scouting targets and carrying vital missives. When combat is unavoidable, they eliminate targets with a hail of deadly shuriken or kunai.

All clans possess the mystics known as Madoushi. In some clans they are revered as sages, alchemists and healers. Other clans regard them as witches and tolerate them with barely concealed mistrust and fear. Whether they are revered or reviled, all Madoushi are able to harness the powers native to the lands of their clan.

Oni and man first met as enemies, but soon developed a grudging respect, the oni for their size and strength, and men for their technology and tenacity. Many oni, however fickle, will join a team to honor agreements, to demonstrate their strength, or just for the fun of it.