First Saga of Hanzo

First Saga of Hanzo is the first league kit for Ninja All-Stars. Ninja All-Stars is built upon a foundation of community and league play, where ninja earn experience during play in order to gain new abilities and combat aptitudes between games. First Saga of Hanzo provides retailers and Ninja Corps volunteers with a six week league featuring a narrative following the ronin Hanzo as he discovers the history of Clan Ika and Tora, while searching for an elusive swordmaster.

First Saga of Hanzo features six unique story-based challenges providing players with a fun reason meet weekly in their favorite retail shop to play battles recreating historical events from Ninja All-Stars. Included with First Saga of Hanzo are 16 exclusive alternate Hanzo cards, featuring unique profiles for the ronin Hanzo themed to the elements of fire and water, and a large-sized Ninja All-Stars trophy for the winner of the league.

First Saga of Hanzo is a free promotional item and is not intended for retail sale. It is available in strictly limited quantities. Don’t miss out on the first chapter of Ninja All-Star’s 2016 league!


  • 6 Week League
  • New Narrative Challenges
  • Free Promotional Item
  • Exclusive Giveaways


  • Promotional Poster
  • League Champion Trophy
  • 8 Exclusive Fire Hanzo Cards
  • 8 Exclusive Water Hanzo Cards

Download the rules PDF!

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