Ninja All-Stars Demo Kit

Ninja Practice is a comprehensive demo kit designed for retailers and Ninja Corps volunteers to introduce new players to Ninja All-Stars and encourage sales. Ninja Practice features a full-color poster playmat which includes a play space and fully guided demo. Nine fully-assembled Ninja All-Stars models, six custom elemental dice, and a mini-token sheet allow both retailers and players to see the quality components which make up the Ninja All-Stars experience. Exclusive Void Shrine art cards are included as free giveaways for players who participate in the demo.

Ninja Practice is an ideal way for busy retailers to engage their customers with Ninja All-Stars. The guided demo allows retailers to easily provide eager players a glimpse of Ninja All-Stars in 10-15 minutes, even if the retailer does not have experience with the game themselves, while the exclusive art cards provide players with a keepsake of their demo.

Ninja Practice is a free promotional item and is not intended for retail sale. It is available in strictly limited quantities. Don’t miss out on the perfect way to introduce players to Ninja Division Publishing’s exciting new game, Ninja All-Stars!


  • Guided Demo Kit
  • 10 – 15 Minute Play Time
  • Free Promotional Item
  • Exclusive Giveaways
  • Custom Dice


  • Poster Playmat and Guided Demo
  • 9 Fully Assembled Ninja Miniatures
  • 6 Custom Elemental Dice
  • Token Sheet
  • 10 Exclusive Void Shrine Art Cards

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