Ninja All-Stars: Ninja Types

Ninja All-Stars

While ninja are are a diverse and colorful group of characters and clans, they all fall within a few set types that help define their role on a player’s team. Building a team that balances each ninja’s strengths and weaknesses is a sure path to success!

Chunin are aspiring leaders and skilled fighters within the clan that are called upon to lead their own team of ninja. This is an incredible honor, and the trials to come will not only test a Chunin’s leadership and skills, but their spirit as well.

A player is always required to recruit a single chunin to lead their team.

Most chunin are offensive all-stars, with high Attack and Defense values. All chunin can choose from two special abilities unique to their clan, helping to define their role in your team.

Kaiken are the backbone of the clans. Training to become a kaiken starts from birth, and is ingrained through hardship, conditioning, and trials that normal people could not withstand. Kaiken are masters of the art of stealth, the sword, the shuriken.

All clans require 1-2 kaiken to be recruited, up to a maximum of 2-4, depending on the clan.

Kaiken are the most well rounded ninja on your team. Most balance offense with defense at the expense of few, if any, keyword abilities. League play can quickly make kaiken some of the most valuable players on the team.

Yajiri specialize in attacking from afar. While the bow is utilized throughout all the clans, many have developed their own unique forms of ranged warfare. No matter the form it takes, a yajiri’s value to their clan cannot be underestimated.

Clan Tanchyo requires a player to recruit 2 yajiri, up to a maximum of 4. Clan Kitsune requires 1 yajiri be recruited, up to a maximum of 3. All other clans allow a player to recruit 0-2 yajiri.

Yajiri bring ranged combat to a team at the expense of survivability. Yajiri are almost always less resilient than their brethren and need to use their range to stay out of harm’s way.

Kunoichi are specialized female fighters and scouts for the clans. In battle, kunoichi focus on key mission objectives such as scouting targets and carrying vital missives.

Clan Ijin are especially known for their deadly kunoichi and must always recruit at least 1, up to a maximum of 3. All other clans may recruit 0-2 kunoichi.

Kunoichi are fast and fragile. Kunoichi excel as utility ninja, positioning themselves for assists, back strikes, and retrieving objectives.

Madoushi are a clan’s mystics. In some clans they are revered as sages, alchemists, and healers. Other clans regard them as witches and tolerate them with barely concealed mistrust and fear. Whether they are revered or reviled, all madoushi are able to harness the powers native to the lands of their clan.

All clans may recruit 0-2 madoushi.

Like chunin, madoushi start with a very potent profile that is enhanced by a choice of one of two abilities unique to their clan. Madoushi’s potent spells can easily become a lynchpin to a team’s strategy—just be careful not to let your opponent exploit it!

Oni and man first met as enemies, but soon developed a grudging respect, the oni for their size and strength, and men for their technology and tenacity. Many oni, however fickle, will join a team to honor agreements, to demonstrate their strength, or just for the fun of it.

All clans may recruit 0-2 oni.

As expected for a large and imposing model, oni have beastly combat attributes as well as abilities that embody the kami totems of each clan. They are also the only non-Hero models with the Resilient ability, granting them a save against injury.

A Hero is a revered and powerful character within a clan. 

A player may only recruit Heroes from their own clan, and may only ever have one of the same Hero. Some leagues may even allow only one of the same Hero in the entire league!

Every Hero is unique, with special abilities and skills that reflect their personality, and bring new and exciting possibilities to a team.

Ronin are clanless Heroes. Ronin vary from proud and noble warriors of honor, to villainous scoundrels, to mercurial kami who find common cause with a clan for a short time.

Ronin may be recruited by any clan. However, all ronin have an upkeep cost that must be paid between every game if a player wishes to retain their services.

Like Heroes, Ronin have abilities as varied as the models themselves. Judicious recruiting is key when selecting Ronin to make sure their abilities reflect the needs of the team.