Ninja All-Stars: Team Growth

Ninja All-Stars

In the Building A Team article we created a new Clan Tora team, Eye of the Tiger. This article takes a look at that that team after it has been competing in a league.

During league play a team will play multiple games, called challenges. In a challenge a ninja can earn experience (XP) for the following ninja-like deeds:

  • Injuries: Each time a ninja Injures an enemy ninja, whether attacking or defending, they get 1 XP.
  • Stunning a Chunin: Each time a non-chunin Stuns a chunin, whether attacking or defending, they get 1 XP.
  • Reveal: Each time a ninja successfully searches, and causes a ninja in Stealth to lose Stealth, they get 1 XP.
  • Ninja All-Star: At the end of the game, each player selects one friendly ninja as the game’s Ninja All-Star (NAS). Players cannot select a ninja that was never on the board during the game. The Ninja All-Star gets 3 XP.

In addition, each challenge will have unique ways for a ninja to earn XP, usually by achieving a goal thematic to the challenge’s goal. Let’s take a look at how our ninja team has grown.


Our chunin, Fire Claw, has had an excellent run during the league accumulating 14 XP. Also note that there are two boxes marked in Game XP. During a game, whenever a ninja earns experience mark one of the boxes. At the end of the game erase the boxes and add the earned experience to your total. This keeps XP tracking fast and easy during a game.

Once a ninja gets 8 XP they earn an advancement level, granting them new abilities or attribute bonuses. In this case, Fire Claw chose the keyword ability Combined Attack which allows him to lend +2AT when assisting a fellow ninja instead of the normal +1AT. Fire Claw is a team player!


Kaiken 1 has had a rough go of the league, earning only 2 XP and spending most of his time Injured in the Healing House. We think it’s his own fault as he has been rolling very poorly, earning him the moniker, Mr. Miss. Bad Mr. Miss! No new model for you.


Kaiken 2 on the other hand has been tearing up the challenges, earning a respectable 9 XP and an advancement. As a reward he was granted +1AT, a new clan specific model, and a wonderful new name: Zoro! (Editor’s note: Deke was binge watching One Piece during the league.)


Yamada-san has also been performing admirably, and is second only to Fire Claw in XP. He also earned a new keyword ability: Vigilance. Vigilance makes it so that when an enemy ninja enters Yamada-san’s influence zone they lose Stealth. No sneaking around Yamada-san—he will find you!


Our sole kunoichi had a series of mediocre challenges, followed by two epic matches where she was all but undestroyable, dispatching many enemy ninja for Clan Tora. Ultimately, she earned a new keyword ability, Sneaky, a new model, and a name: Nami! Sneaky allows her to start every challenge in Stealth.


Both kaiken have performed admirably, gaining their own names, Usopp and Powder, and getting an upgrade to clan-specific models. Usopp gained +1AT, making his rifle particularly deadly. Powder has not yet earned an advancement, but as you can see, once his Game XP of 2 is added to his current Total XP of 6 he will have the needed 8 XP to advance a level. Yay!

So far no ninja on the team have earned a second advancement. As they continue to participate in their current league or new ones, the members will earn more XP and continue to gain abilities or boosts to their attributes. Soon they may even rival the great Heroes of their clan!


The team also recruited a Ronin to aid their cause: Yagyu Jubei. Ronin are unique in that they can be recruited by any clan. Once they are recruited the team must also pay a per-game upkeep to retain the Ronin’s services. In the case of Jubei his initial recruitment was 20 koban, and his upkeep is 5 koban per game.

That makes him a hefty investment for the team, so what does he bring? First, an impressive combat profile. He also has a mountain of keyword abilities: Combat Master, Earth Mastery, Sensei, and Resilient. Combat Master and Earth Master work in the same manner as the skills we’ve already discussed. Sensei allows one die rolled by any ninja on the same team as Jubei to be rerolled. Sensei may only be used once per round. Resilient allows Jubei to roll a single die whenever he is Injured. If the result matches his affinity he may ignore the injury!

In addition to his keyword abilities, Jubei has the unique ability Banzai which allows him to move 1 space before attacking. This movement ignores influence zones, making it ideal for repositioning himself for back strikes or to get assists.

Ronin can never earn XP. As mighty as Jubei is, he will never improve.

The final thing to note about the team is their team rating. You’ll recall from the Building A Team article that Eye of the Tiger only had a team rating of 7 and now it is 15. Team rating is a measure of how powerful a team is.

Figuring team rating is a simple calculation:

Koban value of all the ninja divided by 10 (rounded down) + 1 for every ninja advancement + 1 for every Hero or Ronin.

Eye of the Tiger’s value is 9 + 5 advancements + 1 Ronin = 15

When a team with a lower rating faces a team with a higher rating a handicap is provided to keep the match competitive. After all, the Moon Princess wants to see if those who are strong can endure in the face of continued adversity.