Shojo’s Skill Challenge

Shojo’s Skill Challenge is a four player introductory tournament kit designed to allow retailers and Ninja Corps volunteers to run a tournament for new players using only the contents of a single retail box of Ninja All-Stars and the supplemental playmat provided. Shojo’s Skill Challenge is designed to easily be run in a single short afternoon, and is an excellent way to allow players and retailers to familiarize themselves with the Ninja All-Stars game and its stunning contents.

While Shojo’s Skill Challenge is a tournament kit, its focus is familiarizing new players with Ninja All-Stars, and as such all of its awards are focused on participation. Included are six stylish terrycloth wristbands featuring each elemental shrine icon, and eight exclusive alternate art cards for the ronin Shojo.

Shojo’s Skill Challenge is a free promotional item and is not intended for retail sale. It is available in strictly limited quantities.


  • 4 Player Introductory Tournament
  • Short 3 – 4 Hour Run Time
  • Extra Playmat
  • Free Promotional Item
  • Exclusive Giveaways


  • Promotional Poster
  • Full Size Playmat
  • 8 Exclusive Shojo Alternate Art Cards
  • 6 Exclusive Terry Cloth Wristbands

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