Ninja Division is looking to hire a Marketing Manager!


Job Title: Marketing Manager AKA Master Marketing Ninja!
Job Summary: Ninja Division is looking for a multi-tasking, detail oriented, and self driven marketing manager to bring the message of our awesome products to a large and growing audience. The Marketing Manager works within Ninja Division’s publishing arm, working closely with the Sales Manager, Webmaster, and various studio design teams to create and implement marketing programs designed to increase awareness of Ninja Division’s diverse line of products in order to drive enthusiasm and sales.

Company: Ninja Division Publishing, LLC
Company Description: Publisher and designer of board games, card games, and hobby model kits, inspired by video games, Japanese animation, and pop culture.

Education: High School Diploma or GED required. Bachelor’s Degree or higher in applicable field preferred.
Wages: Negotiable, depending on experience, plus benefits.

Duties include:

  • Establish marketing plan and budgets in cooperation with CEO, CFO, and Sales Director.
  • Work with Sales Manager to develop sales specific assets needs, and then facilitate the creation of product marketing materials, such as product descriptions, brand guides, solicits, sell sheets, catalogs, and advertisements.
  • Work with Webmaster and studio design teams to develop and post diverse and engaging web content.
  • Manage a calendar for upcoming events, conventions, releases, promotions, web updates and Kickstarters.
  • Plan, develop, promote, and run our Kickstarter projects, as well as third party Kickstarter projects.
  • Brand Ninja Division products on social media and in print and digital advertisements through centralizing Ninja Division logo, product, and its unique market share.
  • Manage the creation of social media assets such as Facebook headers, Event headers, and social media teaser images.
  • Communicate with advertising partners to: create ads and product listings; author articles about product; and explain details about product lines and upcoming releases.
  • Update marketing partners about and inform them of how to organize/discuss our product on their websites.
  • Share assets with marketing partners and third party partners to help them promote our product.
  • Create and manage convention schedule, contracted worker duties, and meeting requests and meetings.
  • Communicate with convention organizers to: register booth space and events at conventions; register employees and contracted workers; and establish promotional aspects for our presence at conventions (i.e., flyers, posters).
  • Author, in cooperation with the Community Coordinator, event descriptions for all local event and convention events, and maintain a database of event descriptions.
  • Manage a quarterly donation request budget for conventions, volunteers, and local events.
  • Create contests and build excitement through teasing novel and unique products to our growing gaming audience.
  • Research new marketing opportunities and implement those that provide the strongest return on investment.

Direct Reports: Social Media Coordinator, Community Coordinator, Multimedia Producer, Marketing Graphic Designer


  • Familiarity with marketing and communications theory and its application.
  • Exceptional communication skills, both written and verbal.
  • Familiarity with crowdfunding platforms, especially Kickstarter.
  • A deep abiding love of complete sentences and proper grammar.
  • Comfortable and well versed with technology. Must be familiar with Google Docs. Bonus points for: Skype, Excel, Google Apps, and Dropbox.
  • Able to interact with customers and the public in a friendly and efficient manner. Especially when they’re being not awesome.
  • Must be organized and efficient, even in an office inhabited by creative types.
  • Ability to type with more than two fingers.
  • A sense of humor.
  • Bonus points for familiarity with dork culture, including: hobby games industry, video games, comics, and anime.
  • Hire will be required to work from our Garden City, ID office.

To Apply:
Write a product description for the pictured telephone that makes us want to buy it, even though it is woefully outdated, in 250 words or less.

With the product description, send your cover letter, and resume, to

Save all documents as a single pdf—cover letter, resume, product description—using the following filename format: Marketing Ninja – FIRSTNAME LASTNAME.pdf. (e.g. Marketing Ninja – Deke Stella.pdf)