Ninja Division Publishing welcomes its new Ninja of Marketing, Lawrence Jones.


Boise, ID (March 16, 2017) – Ninja Division Publishing is pleased to announce the addition of Lawrence
Jones as our new Marketing Manager. Lawrence will be sneaking up on the challenges of our growing
company and tackling them in true Ninja style. As Ninja Division continues to create innovative and
exciting products for the gaming world, Lawrence will be working with our Marketing Team to forge new
opportunities for our fans and our retailers to learn about the latest offerings and what the future holds for
Ninja Division Publishing.
Being a Ninja comes naturally to Lawrence, as he is a long-time practitioner of martial arts, but his love
affair with gaming has been growing over a lifetime. An avid painter of miniature models, Lawrence has
been collecting, painting, and playing since the early days of RPGs. He has worked with Games
Workshop as a manager of one of their retail stores, quickly driving it to success and igniting a fire in his
fans with his managing of social media for his store. His videos have been a huge hit. Lawrence worked
as the Art Director for Pomerado Publishing of California before moving into the academic world where for
twenty years he taught Graphic Design, Public Relations, Culture & Media, Sociology, Psychology,
Critical Thinking, Ethics & Philosophy, Chinese History and Culture, and traditional tai chi martial arts. He
now brings these varied experiences and skills to the clan of Ninja Division Publishing.
When asked why he is a fan of tabletop gaming, whether miniatures, board, or cards, Lawrence said, “It’s
the ability to create worlds of our own that first drew me to the world of miniatures and gaming, and I love
being able to share that ability and teach others how to build their own worlds of wonder and fun. Games
bring us together for nothing other than fun and connection and that’s the best of being human.”
Please join us in welcoming Lawrence Jones to Ninja Division Publishing! For more information please
contact Lawrences at

Ninja Division Publishing™, LLC produces and publishes high quality board games, card games, and
beautiful hobby model miniatures for tabletops around the world. Ninja Division’s tabletop lineup includes
beloved originals such as the ground-breaking, dungeon-dashing Super Dungeon®: Explore; the
charming chibi-ninja battle game, Ninja All-Stars®; the immersive and ever-expanding space war of Relic
Knights®; and the forthcoming interstellar railway hold-up and heist, Rail Raiders Infinite™. Ninja Division
also publishes an array of licensed games including favorites such as My Little Pony: Tails of Equestria™,
Alien v Predator™, Codinca™, DrunkQuest™, and the award winning family game, Luchador!™. With
legions of fans around the world, Ninja Division supports league play and encourages both collaborative
and competitive play in its community of gamers of all ages!