Old Tyme Religion


Old Tyme Religion is an expansion to the new chibi sci-fi western board game, Rail Raiders Infinite, which introduced us to the thrills of engaging in a shakedown of the Interstellar Express space-rail. Featuring four new beautifully illustrated, double-sided traincar tiles and stunningly whimsical chibi Soda Pop Miniatures, Old Tyme Religion expands the fun of this space-age western stick up. Mixing quick card mechanics and dueling dice battles, players bum-rush the rail to take away the biggest haul of double-dollars in the wildest heist this side of the galaxy!

In Old Tyme Religion, players face new tactical challenges as raiders of the Interstellar Express. Raiders Beware: it also includes a new type of law enforcement officer, the Legendary Lawbot! Three new Pallbearers Lawbots and two new Preachers Lawbots affect the game in new ways that provides new ways to play the game, and the inclusion of five additional Rail Raiders Infinite dice can expand the game so that five players can jump from car to car in search of precious loot! As an expansion of the Rail Raiders Infinite game, Old Tyme Religion adds more fun and more danger as players roll the dice and grab the cash, working cooperatively or competitively, on the Interstellar Express space-rail.

•1 Rules Sheet
•4x Train Car Tiles
•1 Chapel Car
• 2x Mortuary Cars
•1 Lawbot Maintenance Car
•5x Rail Raiders Infinite Dice
•9x High Noon Cards
•8x Loot Cards
•8x Long Arm of the Law Cards
•2x Raider Cards
•1 Lawbot Card
•8x Fully Assembled Models
•Mutha Superior
•Dr. Umbra PhD
•3x Pallbearers
•2x Preachers

•2 – 4 players
•60 – 90 minute game time
•Ages 14+
•Custom poker game dice
•Chibi/Anime theme
•Sci-Fi Western theme
•Fully expandable and customizable

NJD Code: NJD020201
Case Qty: 6/Case
Studio: Soda Pop Miniatures
Game: Old Tyme Religion
Price: $29.95
Materials: Dice, game boards, cards, miniatures
Release Date: October, 2017

Adventure, Anime, Board Game, Chibi, Cooperative Play, Dice Rolling, Family Game, Miniatures Game, Multiplayer Game, Space, Science Fiction, Tactics, Thematic Game, Western