Ninja Corps

Ninja Corps
Ninja Celia

Ninja Corps mission is to promote and support products published by Ninja Division. The members of the Ninja Corps are a special group of people who are energetic about games and grow communities of informed and enthusiastic players.

Members of the Ninja Corps are expected to create an exciting experience for Ninja Division products by running demos at hobby stores and conventions, post articles and reviews online, hold tournaments, and assist Ninja Division employees at larger events.

Ninja Division represents many different games and products. A member of the Ninja Corps will also represent a variety of games and products. Ninja Corps members do not need to have a demo set for every Ninja Division game, but we look to our members to be able to represent our full line either at the hobby store, conventions, or online.



Game Ninjas represent any and all of the wonderful games published by Ninja Division Publishing. Game Ninja’s are on the front lines providing demos, leagues, tournaments, and game nights for their local clubs and retailers features Ninja Division games. Game Ninja’s can also volunteer to represent Ninja Division at conventions and other events!



Web Ninjas help spread their love for Ninja Division games across the internet. Web Ninjas can tailor their content about Ninja Division games based upon their own strengths online, providing support through blogs, podcasts, videos, and forums.



Are you a gaming girl who loves Ninja Division products, caffeinated beverages, and traveling to conventions to show off your favorite games? If so the Soda Pop Girls are for you! The Soda Pop girls are our premier cosplay volunteers who join us at events demoing Ninja Division products. Don’t let the name fool you, if you’re a super cosplay guy who loves Ninja Division feel free to apply!

Prepare your katana, sharpen your shurikens, it’s time to become a Ninja. Download the Bylaws and Application to join the Ninja Corps today!

Ninja Corps Bylaws

Ninja Division Event Guidelines

Ninja Corps Application 

Do not fill out the application in your browser window! To prevent loss of data, please download the file and fill it out in Adobe Acrobat Reader.