My Little Pony: Tails of Equestria is a storytelling pen and paper game for 2 to 6 players. Players create and role-play as pony heroes who explore and seek adventure in the various lands of Equestria. Players adventure together and use the magic of friendship to overcome obstacles as they learn more about each other and the world around them. Learn More.

Super Dungeon® Explore, is a fast paced dungeon adventure board game featuring adorable fantasy heroes charging through brightly colored dungeons, searching for treasure, and fighting the terrible dungeon boss!  Super Dungeon® Explore continues to expand with new exciting levels, heroes, and monsters to add to your collection. Learn More.

Journey to the moonlit isle of Kagejime, where shadowy ninja clans lurk, sneak, and battle in organized games of cunning and skill to defeat their rivals, winning honor and the favor of the Moon Princess for their clan. Ninja All-Stars® features fully assembled, high quality miniatures and an exciting community driving, league style of gameplay. Build a team of elite ninja and compete for honor and glory against rival clans. Learn More.


DrunkQuest™ is a drinking game for 2-6 players that is an actual real drinking game. You get a hero, gear and other treasure by defeating monsters. And to defeat monsters, you must drink!


Alien vs Predator:  The Hunt Begins is a self-contained gaming experience, a fusion of mission and narrative driven board game and tabletop war game. One or more players can play through narrative missions, developing their own characters and objectives over many interlinked games. Alternatively, players can play free-for-all missions, such as: Survival, Last human/Alien/Predator standing, or capture the objective. Learn More.

Relic Knight, one of the largest publicly funded hobby games in the world, is the premier anime-inspired battle game, pitting players against one another with a unique card-based strategy mechanic. Relic Knights features expertly designed miniatures by the Soda Pop Miniatures design team. Dive into frenetic sci-fi anime action with Relic Knights®, exploding across tabletops everywhere. Learn More.

Welcome to Takoashi University™, a growing family of games and products from the world of school themed manga, where anything can happen. To be a student at Takoashi is to be something more than a normal college student. Graduates of this all-girl university go on to become leaders of industry, government officials, scientific trailblazers, and entertainment superstars beyond compare.  Learn More.

Hell Dorado Logo

Hell Dorado™, pits the forces of mankind against the legions of hell, and each other, in this tabletop skirmish game.  Beautifully sculpted miniatures and fast playing rules allow players to collect their company of warriors, sell-swords, or hellish legions to battle over their factions stake in this winner take all war for the underworld.

Ninja Division Publishing is happy to introduce a growing range of hobby and modeling accessories. In cooperation with partners throughout the industry, we now offer Secret Weapon’s custom resin bases and esper crystals, our own versatile and high-quality game tokens, adorable plushies to adorn your desk (or cuddle), and even more coming soon! Learn More.

Anima Tactics™, dominate the battlefield in this stylish, anime themed skirmish miniatures game. Fight as one of eight warring factions, and pick from dozens of beautiful miniatures sculpted by some of the world’s best talent.  Lead your host to victory, find the lost Loggia, and change the face of the world forever.


Ninja Division is always working to enrich and support our hobby community with new products, exclusives, event attendance, product supplements and regular updates. We engage with our community through our website, forums and social media.  With planned expansions for our existing games, and in-store volunteer support, you can expect to see Ninja Division in your gaming groups soon… if they are not there already.