Anaximenes is one the numerous names of this ancient kami who came from the eastern island of Varja at the same time than the Fallen Angel Jigoku no Kami. In human form and accompanied by Xiao Ling, a sacred cat emissary of the Ten-Gati, he travels throughout the continent to the pursuit of one of Orochi’s heads. The dark aeon captured his sweetheart, the daimah Ying Lu, whose family was responsible since centuries to watch over one of the seals that keep the creature confined. Samael has agreed to help and stop the return of Orochi.

Product Information

  • NJD Code: CS1048
  • Studio: Cipher Studios
  • Game: Anima Tactics
  • Price: $12.99
  • Model Materials: White Metal
  • Packaging: Blister
  • Release Date: September 14, 2014


  • 1x Anaximenes Model
  • 1x 30mm Base
  • Unit Card