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Ninja Division Publishing is happy to introduce a growing range of hobby and modeling accessories. In cooperation with partners throughout the industry, we now offer Secret Weapon’s custom resin bases and esper crystals, our own versatile and high-quality game tokens, adorable plushies to adorn your desk (or cuddle), and even more coming soon!

Candy and Cola Plushies

Candy and Cola bring sugar fueled fun wherever they go. Get your own adorable plushies of Soda Pop’s lovable duo Candy & Cola!


Token Packs

Keep track of all of your game effects with Token Packs! Filled with over 30 tokens and available in 6 colors, the tokens are designed to work perfectly with Relic Knights® or any of your other favorite Ninja Division games!

Essence Yellow | Creation Green | Law Blue

Corruption Violet | Entropy Red | Chaos Orange


Esper Crystals

Decorate your miniatures’ bases or accent your terrain with these vibrant esper crystals!

Essence Yellow | Creation Green | Law Blue

Corruption Violet | Entropy Red | Chaos Orange 


Tau Ceti Resin Bases

Represent the sleek and stylish Cerci Speed Circuit or the interior of a Black Diamond escort ship with the Tau Ceti bases. Available four different sizes.

30mm | 40mm | 50mm | 80mm


Alien Temple Resin Bases

Join the Star Nebula Corsairs in a search for lost treasure or help the Noh Empire subjugate an alien race with the Alien Temple bases. Available in four different sizes.

30mm | 40mm | 50mm | 80mm


Flagstone Resin Bases

Take your models to the hallowed halls of Doctrine academies or the courtyards of a Shattered Sword chapter house. Available in four different sizes.

30mm | 40mm | 50mm | 80mm