Rob the rails with this all new Raider! Kingsman is a single model blister pack of an all-new Raider for Rail Raiders Infinite. Born to a high class family in the core worlds, the Kingsman cast aside the comforts and privileges that his family’s vast fortune afforded him and instead dedicated his youth to hunting the most dangerous and cunning beasts in the galaxy. A horrible hunting accident involving astro-dynamite required that his body be rebuilt with robotic prosthesis, and Kingsman has returned to the hunt, as well as the occasional train heist, in order to pay for the costly hospital bills. With his incredible aim enhanced by his augmentations, Kingsman has truly become one of the most dangerous men in the galaxy.

In Rail Raiders Infinite, players assume the role of one of six unique raiders. Jumping from car to car in search of precious loot, players encounter Lawbots bent on stopping them in their tracks. Using unique abilities and sharp-shooting quick rolls with the game’s custom poker dice, players work collaboratively or competitively to destroy the bots. Following poker-inspired rules for combat dice rolls, the player who scores the highest hand wins the roll and brings in the dough. As players profit double-dollars, it becomes an all-out showdown to snag the most booty before the train makes it to the station.

Rail Raiders Infinite is a rousing railway rummage like no other! Strongly supported with dozens of expansions that extend the game with new raiders, bots, traincar tiles, game cards, and gameplay options, Rail Raiders Infinite is sure to be a staple of game nights worldwide!

1x Kingsman Assembled Model

2 – 4 players
60 – 90 minute game time
Ages 14+
Competitive or Cooperative gameplay
Fully assembled miniature
Chibi/Anime theme
Sci-Fi Western theme
Fully expandable and customizable

NJD Code: NJD020301
Case Qty: 12/Case
Studio: Ninja Division, Soda Pop Miniatures
Game: Rail Raiders Infinite
Price: $12.99
Materials: 1 Kingsman Plastic Mini, Card
Release Date: September, 2017

Adventure, Anime, Board Game, Chibi, Cooperative Play, Dice Rolling, Family Game, Miniatures Game, Multiplayer Game, Space, Science Fiction, Tactics, Thematic Game, Western

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