Relic Knights: Dark Pinion Sculpts


Relic Knights: 2nd Edition is heading to Kickstarter at the end of the month, and along with it a brand new 2-Player Starter featuring Radiant and Void cadres. The Dark Pinions are a unique squad for the Void cadre. These models will be cast in high-quality resin, using a unique ‘single cast’ method that will keep assembly requirements to a minimum, while maintaining the stunning detail and quality of traditionally cast resin miniatures.


The Dark Pinions are a squad of Tahariel’s elite personal guard. They are a fairly sturdy unit that brings ranged damage to the table with their Void Razor action. They also grant the Hero unit that activates them Reave, helping with esper resourcing as long as you are finishing units off!

We also have a glimpse of the painted production models, straight off the desk of our talented studio painter.


Relic Knights: 2nd Edition comes to Kickstarter at the end of the month!