Relic Knights: Questing Knight Sculpts


Relic Knights: 2nd Edition is heading to Kickstarter at the end of the month, and along with it a brand new 2-Player Starter featuring Radiant and Void cadres. Leading these cadres are two mighty questing knights, Bang-Bang and Tahariel the Purifier. These two models will be cast in high-quality resin, using a unique ‘single cast’ method that will keep assembly requirements to a minimum, while maintaining the stunning detail and quality of traditionally cast resin miniatures.


Radiant questing knight, Bang Bang, brings a solid ranged and melee attack to the table along with Mr. Milky’s, Dead or Alive, ability that can hamper an enemy cadre’s ability to reposition. Bang Bang’s cadre ability, Deputize, gives you a more flexible ready queue by allowing you to choose a hero unit that can be activated like a minion along with Bang Bang.


Void questing knight, Tahariel the Purifier’s game is to stay at a range and take out the opposition with punishing psychic attacks. Her cypher, Cupid’s, Love at First Sight ability can be used to pull enemy units out of position or bring them closer so that Mikhal can finish them in close combat. Tahariel’s Cadre ability Heart of Darkness allows units in her cadre to spend Void esper cards as though they were the Radiant wild cards making it easier for her whole cadre to pay for abilities.