Black Diamond


Background – Founded in the wake of the Sundering War, Black Diamond is the largest, most sophisticated, and best equipped mercenary organization in the galaxy. They’re not simply that, no, they’re much more than that. After the Guild’s security forces (Gama) were disbanded following the Guild’s defeat in the War. The end of the War didn’t mean an end to the need for security details and thousands of small security companies popped up. A mere four cycles ago, Gaius Senzen proposed the formation of an organization to organize and manage these mercenaries. Thus Black Diamond was born.

Gameplay – Open fire! The Black Diamond forces have lots of guns and know how to use them well. Combined with their armor, this firepower will encourage a more defensive posture. Units like the Black Dragons, are definitely better used for defense than offense, holding the line while other units go in for the kill.

Appearance – Black Diamond is first and foremost a military operation and their look reflects it. Their background allows them to be painted in multiple styles depending on which security charter your cadre is a member of and where they are deployed. Tactical blacks and greys accented by glowing blues and purples provide a cutting-edge “future” soldier look. While exploring environment specific colors and camouflage patterns can enhance their more pragmatic military outlook.

Black Diamond Battle Box

Featuring a playable force straight out of the box, a mini-rulebook with the complete game rules, and an esper deck; this starter box is the perfect way to jump straight into the Relic Knights tabletop miniatures game!

One Shot — Relic Knight

One Shot combines her devastating fire power with an unmatched skill commanding her troops, guiding their fire into the enemy ranks with surgical precision.

Sophia Drake — Unique

Sophia Drake commands Black Diamond’s elite heavy infantry division, the Black Dragons, and seeks to restore Black Diamond and GAMA to its former glory.

M8-Blitz Auto-Tank — Minion

The M8-Blitz Auto-Tank may not be the smartest chee to hit the battlefield, but these rugged automated tanks are nonetheless a force to be reckoned with.

Diamondback — Minion

Black Diamond avoids close quarters combat when possible, preferring to keep their enemies on the other end of their rifles. When melee is absolutely unavoidable they call in the Diamondback.

PC-9 Breaker Team — Minion

When the Diamond Corps needs to open up a hard target they call in the PC-9 Breakers. A blast from a Breaker pulse cannon is sure to punch a hole through even the toughest armor.

Black Dragons — Minion Squad

Skilled in many and diverse fields of combat, Black Dragons are employed on high level protection details, recovery operations, and black-ops strikes.

Diamond Corps — Minion Squad

Disciplined, highly trained, and well equipped the Diamond Corps stand among the finest fighting forces in the galaxy.