Background – An early member of the United Planetary Alliance, the Doctrine were formed from an ancient space faring nation. Their organization is comprised of scholars, mystics, and powerful manipulators of esper – although some might refer to them simply as an Academy of space wizards. While they were part of the Alliance for a log time, they remained quite independent. As the Darkspace Calamity unfolded, the Doctrine found their resources being stretched considerably as the Alliance called on them to solve this devastating problem. This lead to the Doctrine attempting to break from the Alliance, an act that triggered the Sundering War. The two groups – Doctrine and Alliance – now have an uneasy partnership in the face of the continuing Calamity.

Gameplay – The Doctrine combat style is what could generally be referred to as a “glass cannon”. They have a lot of powers to move them around the table into the best position for firing off some powerful “weapons”, but they tend to be quite fragile, crumbling pretty easily if you can catch them.

Appearance – When painting up your Doctrine cadre, you’ll have the opportunity to work with bright, saturated colors, as well as more somber and desaturated browns and greys. The utilitarian neutral tones work very well as contrasts to the brightness of a pink haircut, or the yellows of a short skirt. For a darker feel, try painting up some of the Doctrine’s constructs – the Librarians and Academy Guard.

Doctrine Battle Box

Featuring a playable force straight out of the box, a mini-rulebook with the complete game rules, and an esper deck; this starter box is the perfect way to jump straight into the Relic Knights tabletop miniatures game!

Codifier Kisa — Relic Knight

Where Kisa goes, bad luck is sure to follow. Cursed to an insatiable curiosity and mercurial nature, Kisa always struggled within the rigid confines of the Doctrine Academies.

Fiametta & Togan — Uniques

Fiametta is known as the Acolyte of the Flame for her fiery pyrotechnic displays. Togan, on the other hand, brings chaos and mischief wherever he goes.

The Prefects & Hasami — Uniques

Doctrine Academies are never boring places, but when Jacob, Valeria, and Veronica are around the excitement is just a spark away from a catastrophe. Preferring solitude and shunning her peers, when bothered Hasami is just the spark needed to start the explosion.

Librarian — Minion

Bound in mystical wards and radiating an aura of calm and surety, Librarians are highly prized as bodyguards.


Novitiates — Minion Squad

No strangers to danger and adventure, the Novitiates of the Doctrine Academies must be quick-witted and fast on the spell if they hope to survive.

Academy Guard — Minion Squad

The Academy Guard are a sinister sight above any Doctrine Academy. Created solely for combat, these simple but effective constructs are little more then armor, weapon, and murderous cunning.