Factions of Relic Knights

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Shining heroes, scheming villains, and shady characters who fall somewhere in between – you will find all of these and more in Relic Knights. When you set out to play, you need to know who to choose, based on your desired playing style and aesthetic. In the fallout of the Sundering War, there are six major factions that have come to the fore, so you have six different forces to choose from. Some want to delay the Darkspace Calamity, some want to accelerate its onslaught, and others simply want to profit from the mayhem.

In this article we hope to provide the right information to help you to decide which faction you might like to start out with.


Background – The Doctrine is an organization comprised of scholars, mystics and powerful manipulators of esper, but some simply refer to them as an academy of space wizards.  Founded by an ancient nation of spacefarers, they are one of the earliest members of the United Planetary Alliance. As the Darkspace Calamity unfolded, however, they nearly became the first to leave it.  Their resources stretched thin as the Alliance called on them to find a solution to this apocalyptic event. The Doctrine attempted to break from the yoke of their allies’ demands, an act that triggered the Sundering War. After years of strife and bloodshed, the two groups once more have an uneasy partnership in the face of the continuing Calamity.

Gameplay – The Doctrine combat style is heavy on power, but low on durability. They have many abilities that move them around the table into the best position for firing off some potent “weapons,” but they tend to be quite fragile, crumbling easily if the enemy manages to catch them.

Appearance – When painting your Doctrine cadre, you’ll have the opportunity to work with bright, saturated colors, as well as more somber browns and greys. The utilitarian neutral tones work very well as contrasts to the brightness of a pink haircut, or the yellows of a short skirt. For a darker feel, try painting some of the Doctrine’s constructs – the Librarians and Academy Guard.


Background – Cerci is a planet rebuilt. From inauspicious beginnings and centuries of corruption, the ecosystems of Cerci collapsed under the weight of criminally negligent resource stripping and pseudo-governance by the Guild. As strong and clever leaders emerged from the Cerci population, they were able to hit the Guild where it hurt – their hip-pocket. Over the course of a hundred cycles, the planet of Cerci has been rebuilt into a world devoted purely to recreation: gambling, dancing and more nefarious vices can all be enjoyed for the right price. The planet has been built on the back of the racing tracks where drivers hurtle around at breakneck speeds, and while the Cerci Speed circuit might not be the power behind the throne, they hold considerable influence beneath the thin veneer of glitz and glamour.

Gameplay – Speed is the name of the game for these girls. In a scenario game that is all about capturing points, Cerci Speed Circuit certainly excels. Their overall plan must be to move around the board quickly and engage in aggressive hit and run attacks. While fragile, models like Betty and Lug can still pack a punch when they need to.

Appearance – Bright and flashy is the only way to go when painting your Cerci Speed Circuit cadre. Vibrant pinks, yellows and greens are the order of the day. Think sleek, think shiny, think dynamic as hell. Living fast and loud is in the blood of each member of the Circuit, and their appearance is a perfect match to this mindset.


Background – For many thousands of cycles, the Order of The Shattered Sword has worked tirelessly to bring peace, harmony and cooperation to all sentient species in the Universe. The concept that everyone should work for the benefit of the whole is at the core of their beliefs. This doesn’t mean the members of The Shattered Sword are weak or will run from a fight, though. No, they stand ready to oppose those who would tear down order and unity, and to protect the defenseless from the ravages of war-mongering species and anarchic pirates alike.

Gameplay – Heavy armor and powerful melee abilities are the hallmarks of the Shattered Sword paladins. Their troops come in hard, charging into the fray with ferocious ardor. Their Swordsworn Minions are a particularly useful unit, with both solid offense and defense.

Appearance – The paladins of the Order are generally dressed in bright, shining armor. This armor echoes a number of styles reminiscent of medieval knights, the original paladins of old. When painting a force of The Shattered Sword, you can expect to use plenty of whites, greys, golds and blues. Smooth and clean painting is key, and strong, flowing cloaks are mandatory.


Background – Founded in the wake of the Sundering War, Black Diamond is the largest and best equipped mercenary organization in the galaxy. Though the Merchant’s Guild disbanded its forces following its defeat, the end of the War didn’t mean an end to the security business, and thousands of small mercenary companies popped up to fill the void. A mere four cycles ago, Gaius Senzen proposed the founding of an organization to coordinate and manage these mercenaries. Thus, Black Diamond was born.

Gameplay – Open fire! The Black Diamond forces have lots of guns and know how to use them. Combined with their armor, this firepower encourages a more defensive posture. The faction uses units like the Black Dragons to hold the line while its other forces go in for the kill.

Appearance – Black Diamond is first and foremost a military operation, and they have the looks to match. Their background means you can paint them in multiple styles, depending on which security charter your cadre belongs to and where they are deployed. Tactical blacks and greys accented by glowing blues and purples provide a cutting-edge “future” soldier look, while exploring environment-specific colors and camouflage patterns enhances their more pragmatic military aesthetic.



Background – An ancient race, the Noh have been a scourge on the members of the Alliance for millennia. These massive monsters are the stuff of nightmares and waking terror. They reave, slay and enslave, all to sate the appetite of their god, Nozuki, the Serpent of Endless Hunger. Although the civilized worlds know little of the Noh Empire beyond the foul desecrations they have enacted over countless cycles, they have leveled accusations that the Noh are responsible for the Darkspace Calamity. Could this be true?

Gameplay – The aim of the game with the Noh is to hit your opponent hard and control the board. Big models that can move fast and follow up with an impressive punch? That’s exactly what you’ve got in the Noh Empire forces.

Appearance – Big and bright red, the warriors of the Noh Empire are embodiments of violence. Big weapons and razor-edged armor plates enhance this image. Beyond the red of their skin, you can expect to use a lot of golds, silvers, purples, greys and whites when you are painting your Noh Empire cadre.


Background – Ever since species started moving valuables from one place to another, there have been those eager to relieve them of those goods. Pirates have always sought to live free, listening only to their own conscience and doing whatever it takes to stay independent. In this galaxy, the Star Nebula has been a wonderful, labyrinthine hideout for corsairs of all shapes and colors. Almost impossible for the Alliance to navigate, it has become a home for those who stand outside the law, who embrace the emptiness of Wildspace as much as they do the smell of rich plunder. If you are ready to live beyond the beacons that mark the edge of civilized space, you just might want to sign on with Calico Kate or Captain Harker.

Gameplay – The Star Nebula Corsairs are jacks-of-all-trades. They have the ability to lay down firepower, move swiftly to control the board, and hold their own in melee. Having this kind of flexibility can be a good thing across a variety of scenarios, but you’ll have to hang in there while facing an opponent who excels in a particular area. Also, they’re Space Pirates!

Appearance – Blacks and dark blues are the perfect tones to offset the more flashy elements of a corsair’s appearance. Gold armor, shining blades, red bandanas and the classic pirate skull motif are all things you can expect when you sign on with a Star Nebula Corsair cadre.