Noh Empire


Background – An ancient race, the Noh has been a scourge on the members of the Alliance (and countless others) for many millennia. These massive monsters are the very stuff of nightmares and waking terror. They reave, they slay, they enslave, all to sate the appetite of their god Nozuki, the Serpent of Endless Hunger. Although the civilized worlds know little of the Noh Empire, beyond the foul desecrations they have enacted over countless cycles, they have leveled accusations that the Noh are responsible for the Darkspace Calamity. Could this be true?

Gameplay – The aim of the game with the Noh is to hit your opponent hard and control the board. Big models that can move fast and follow up with an impressive punch? That’s exactly what you’ve got in the Noh Empire forces.

Appearance – Big and bright red, the warriors of the Noh Empire embody sheer violence. Big weapons and razor-edged armor plates serve to enhance this look. Beyond the reds, you can expect to use a lot of gold, silver, purples, greys and white when you are painting up your Noh Empire cadre.

Noh Empire Battle Box

Featuring a playable force straight out of the box, a mini-rulebook with the complete game rules, and an esper deck; this starter box is the perfect way to jump straight into the Relic Knights tabletop miniatures game!

Kasaro To — Relic Knight

Kasaro To, The Beloved of Nozuki, is Dragon Fleet To’s slave master. Through his serpent’s cunning the slave pens of Dragon Fleet To are the envy of all.

Marikan To — Questing Knight

A skilled huntress and infiltrator, Marikan To leads her Noh forces into the the heart of the enemy unseen.

Mamaro To — Unique

The Grand Warlord of Dragon Fleet To, Mamaro To, has ascended to his position with ruthlessness and skill.

Serpent Priestess — Minion

Serpent Priestesses divine Nozuki’s prophecies and living word. Accorded high rank throughout the fleet, they represent Nozuki’s will in all things.

Render — Minion

Technology is not shunned within the Noh Empire, but it is most often turned to the application of warfare. Noh Renders are the embodiment of this philosophy.

Beastmaster — Minion

The demon beasts of Nozuki’s Divine Realm are potent weapons of war. The most skilled Beastmasters will maintain a pack of savage beasts that they have bent to their will.


Dahon — Minion

The behemoth Dahon is a belligerent juggernaut of destruction. Even the the greatest beastmasters can never fully control a Dahon.

Hatriya Warriors — Minion Squad

Warriors without peer, the Hatriya value discipline and honor above all else. There is no greater joy than to send a worthy enemy to meet Nozuki at the end of their blade.

Kyojin Berzerker — Minion Squad

For some, the voice of Nozuki is too much to bear. These Noh descend into madness and become Kyojin, The Unchained.

Hounds of Nozuki — Minion Squad

The howling of the Hounds of Nozuki are a primal terror to most of the species of the galaxy. Fearsome hunters, it is said that when the Hounds have caught your scent they can track you across the galaxy.