Har Ancient

The Har Ancient is a finely detailed resin model for the Noh Empire faction in Relic Knights. Har Ancient is an honorific bestowed upon the highest ranking members of the Nozuki priesthood within Dragon Fleet Har. Preaching madness and fury wherever he goes, the Har Ancient sows terror and madness throughout the Last Galaxy. The Har Ancient is a unique squad, allowing Noh Empire players to field one Har Ancient and his two ghostly lanterns per cadre.

The newest chapter in the Relic Knights saga has begun! Relic Knights returns as a premium collector’s line of resin hobby models. Each Relic Knights model is expertly cast to capture the dynamic anime aesthetic of the Relic Knights universe. The Har Ancient squad are stunning game pieces and miniatures, waiting to be brought to life by the painter’s brush and see battle on the tabletop!


  • Noh Empire Faction
  • Highly Detailed Resin Model
  • Premium Hobby Kit
  • Space Samurai Oni Theme
  • Anime Theme


  • Har Ancient Model
  • (Assembly Required)
  • 2x Lantern Models
  • (Assembly Required)
  • Reference Card
  • Tracker Card
  • 40mm Base
  • 2x 30mm Bases

Product Information:

  • SKU: NJD144015
  • MSRP: $24.95
  • Material: Resin
  • Available: April 2016