Kasaro To

Kasaro To, The Beloved of Nozuki, is Dragon Fleet To’s slave master. Through his serpent’s cunning the slave pens of Dragon Fleet To are the envy of all. His reputation, even outside the Noh Empire, is infamous and his name has become a byword for the depredations of the Noh species.

Product Information

  • NJD Code: SPM144002
  • Studio: Soda Pop Miniatures
  • Game: Relic Knights
  • Faction: Noh Empire
  • Price: $54.95
  • Model Materials: Plastic
  • Packaging: Box
  • Release Date: July 10, 2014


  • 1x Kasaro To Model — Relic Knight
  • 1x Azi Model — Cypher
  • 1x 80mm and 1x 30mm Bases
  • Unit Tracker and Reference Cards

*Models supplied unassembled and unpainted. Contents may vary from those pictured.

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