Marikan To

A skilled huntress and infiltrator, Marikan To leads her Noh forces into the the heart of the enemy unseen. Striking from within, she scatters the defending forces as the full strength of the Noh Empire descends upon them. Those who attempt to escape are swiftly and surely executed in Nozuki’s name with a swift shot from her bow.

Product Information

  • NJD Code: SPM144011
  • Studio: Soda Pop Miniatures
  • Game: Relic Knights
  • Faction: Noh Empire
  • Price: $24.95
  • Model Materials: Plastic
  • Packaging: Box
  • Release Date: September 14, 2014


  • 1x Marikan To Model — Questing Knight
  • 1x Lakmi Model — Cypher
  • 1x 30mm and 1x 40mm Bases
  • Unit Tracker and Reference Cards

*Models supplied unassembled and unpainted. Contents may vary from those pictured.

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