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Prismatics declare allegiance to none of the primary factions of the Last Galaxy. Driven only by their own motives and moral code, Prismatics are loosely aligned by the esper they wield. Radiant Prismatics may join any cadre aligned to Essence, Creation, or Law. Void Prismatics may join any cadre aligned to Corruption, Entropy, or Chaos.


Harbonath the Void Reaper

Where Harbonath treads the Void follows, consuming all into oblivion.

Amelial – Herald of the Void

Filling the souls of those she encounters with despair, Amelial prepares souls for the coming harvest.

Candy & Cola

Candy and her soda guzzling cypher, Cola, are sugar fueled and ready to take on the Darkspace Calamity.

Cordelia Clean

Determined to get a little peace and quiet, Cordelia will clean up the entire galaxy if she has to.