Relic Knights Companion App

Featuring an interactive rulebook, fiction, cadre builder, and a digital dashboard for use in your games, The Relic Knights Companion App is the ultimate tool for experiencing the Relic Knights tabletop miniature game.

The Rules

Complete rules to play Relic Knights and field a cadre to battle for the fate of the Last Galaxy. Choose from six colorful factions and build beautiful armies of Soda Pop miniatures to engage in tabletop mayhem.


Immerse yourself in the first chapter of Relic Knights’ continuing storyline, universe history, detailed faction backgrounds, and unit profiles.


A growing gallery of stunningly painted models to inspire your own collection and hobby.

Cadre Builder & Dashboard

A full featured cadre builder that allows you to build and save your favorite cadres for any faction. Using your saved cadres, the Dashboard allows you to completely manage the all aspects of the game including: unit cards, ready queue, damage tracking, boosts, and victory points.

Now Available for iPad and iPhone | Coming Soon to Android