Shattered Sword


Background – For many thousands of cycles, the Order of The Shattered Sword – an order of Paladins created by Roland Laurent, second of The Six Peers – has worked tirelessly to bring peace, harmony, and cooperation to all sentient species in the Universe. The concept that everyone benefits when all work together is at the core of their beliefs. This, however, does not mean the members of The Shattered Sword are weak or will run from a fight. No, quite the opposite. They stand ready to oppose those who would tear down order and unity, to protect the defenseless from the ravages of war-mongering species and anarchic pirates alike.

Gameplay – Heavy armor and powerful melee abilities are, unsurprisingly, the hallmark of the paladins of The Shattered Sword. Their troops are armored up and come in hard with power charges. The Swordsworn Minions are a particularly useful unit, with both solid offense and defense.

Appearance – As the name “paladin” might suggest, the Order of The Shattered Sword are generally dressed in bright, shining armor. This armor echoes a number of styles that are reminiscent of medieval knights, the original paladins of old. When painting up a force of The Shattered Sword you can expect to be using plenty of white, greys, golds, and blues (which is also their associated Esper color – Law). Smooth and clean painting is the key, and strong, flowing cloaks are mandatory.

Shattered Sword Battle Box

Featuring a playable force straight out of the box, a mini-rulebook with the complete game rules, and an esper deck; this starter box is the perfect way to jump straight into the Relic Knights tabletop miniatures game!

Sebastian Cross — Relic Knight

Sebastian Cross is First of his Order, and has been an immovable bulwark against the horrors of the universe for over a decade.

Jeanne Romee & Navarre — Questing Knight & Unique

This combo box of Questing Knight and Unique units gives your cadre a new leader and powerful new options on the field of battle.

Austrican & Isabeau — Uniques

With the fury of an avalanche Austrican sweeps aside his foes with blows from his hammer, Divine Crater. Isabeau follows in his wake, tending to the fallen and purifying the reclaimed ground.

Purifiers — Minion Squad

The Purifiers secure and sanctify those locations that have succumbed to the taint of the Void.

Paragons — Minion Squad

To attain the discipline of Paragon is to be accorded an honor of the highest degree.

Swordsworn — Minion Squad

Making up the bulk of the Order of the Shattered Sword forces, the Swordsworn are the very embodiment of courage and honor.