Star Nebula Corsairs


Background – Ever since species stared moving valuables from one place to another, there have been those only too eager to relieve them of those goods. Pirates have always sought to live outside the law, listening only to their own conscience, and doing whatever it took to stay independent. In this galaxy, the Star Nebula has been a wonderful, if labyrinthine, hideout for corsairs of all shapes and colors. Almost impossible for the Alliance to navigate, it has become home to those who stand beyond the law, those who embrace the emptiness of Wildspace as much as they do the smell of rich plunder. If you are ready to live beyond the beacons that mark the edge of civilized space, you just might want to sign on with Calico Kate or Captain Harker.

Gameplay – The Star Nebula Corsairs are the jack-of-all-trades. They have the ability to lay down some firepower, move swiftly to control the board and get stuck into melee. Having this kind of flexibility can be a good thing across a variety of scenarios, but you’ll have to hang in there while facing an opponent who excels in a particular area. Also, they’re Space Pirates!

Appearance – Black and dark blues are the perfect tones to offset the more flashy elements of a corsair’s appearance. Gold armor, shining blades, red bandanas, and the classic pirate skull motif are all things you can expect to paint when you sign on with a Star Nebula Corsair cadre.

Star Nebula Corsairs Battle Box

Featuring a playable force straight out of the box, a mini-rulebook with the complete game rules, and an esper deck; this starter box is the perfect way to jump straight into the Relic Knights tabletop miniatures game!

Calico Kate — Relic Knight

Calico Kate is the most successful pirate to ever ply space. Her bombastic personality and penchant for explosives have united the Star Nebula Corsairs as never before.

Golden Vance — Questing Knight

Few Star Nebula Corsairs have a reputation as unsavory as Golden Vance. Known for his cruelty and violent streak there are few who are willing to cross him.

Squall & Iron Chef — Uniques

The burning smell of ozone competes with the delicious scents of exotic ingredients when Squall and Iron Chef take to the field of battle.

Moffet & Kenobo — Uniques

Moffet and Kenobo have plundered the space lanes for over a century. While the two have never become friends they share a mutual respect forged in crucible of battle.

Blowhards — Minion Squad

Sometimes you need an explosion. Other times you need a really BIG explosion. Blowhards are specialist sappers who can blow up an entire ship or open a safe without damaging the contents.

Broadside — Minion

Broadsides sweep the battlefield clear with their searing blasts. The powerful beam is as adept at cutting through bulkheads and the hulls of ships as it is slicing through troops.


Corsairs — Minion Squad

Corsairs come from all walks of life. Some are desperate scoundrels, others are soldiers of fortune, still others are just mean and looking to inflict some misery and get rich in the process.