Shinobi 7 Announces My Little Pony: Tails of Equestira Roleplaying Game

Shinobi 7 is thrilled to announce the acquisition of North American publishing rights for ​My Little Pony: Tails of Equestria​ ​, a storytelling game where players role-play characters based on the hit Hasbro animated TV series: ​My Little Pony: Friendship​ is Magic​. Shinobi 7 will release the game through its partner company, Ninja Division Publishing.

The​ My Little Pony: Tails ​of Equestria​ storytelling game, created by Alessio Cavatore, is a pen and paper game where players create and role-play pony heroes who explore and seek adventure in the various lands of Equestria. ​My Little Pony​ is a fantastic, vibrant world full of magical unicorns, speedy pegasi, strong earth ponies and many other fantasy creatures. Guided by a Gamemaster, the goal of the pony heroes is to work together as a group of friends to overcome villains, creatures, and many other challenges.

Alessio Cavatore is veteran game designer known for his authorship of various prominent tabletop games such as ​Warhammer, W​arhammer 40,000, an​d ​Lord of the Rings. Al​essio is the founder​ of River Horse Games, a United Kingdom-based development studio and publisher of such licensed games as ​ ​Terminator Genisys, ​The ​Hunt for Red October, and Jim ​ Henson’s ​Labyrinth, among others.

“I wanted to write this game because I fell in love with ​My Little Pon​y, Friendship is Magic, after watching every single episode of the TV show (repeatedly!) with my seven-year old daughter,” says game designer Alessio Cavatore. “As a professional geek, I also love role-playing games and the fantasy elements that permeate Equestria and its denizens convinced me that the two together would make a great game.”

Shinobi 7 will release the game in the United States and Canada through its distribution partner, Ninja Division Publishing, benefiting from Ninja Division’s broad reach to core hobby gamers and casual gamers alike.

“We are very proud to be involved with ​My Little Pony: Tails of Equestria​,” says president of Shinobi 7, Kai Nesbit. “We’re so excited to work with River Horse to release an extensive ​Tails of Equestria product line for 2017 and beyond. Alessio and his team have put together a fantastic game experience that I have no doubt will delight fans of ​My Little Pony​ of all ages.”

The first wave of ​ ​My Little Pony: Tails of Equestria​ products will be available in stores in the US and Canada in March 2017, as follows:


My Little Pony: Tails of Equestria Core Rulebook​—a full-color, hardcover, 152-page book with all the information needed to play the game.


The Curse of the Statuettes Adventure Story Box Set​—an expansion set ​which includes a 48-page full-color adventure book, a gamemaster screen with easy reference information, a 6 polyhedron dice set, and 40 customizable character sheets.


Tokens of Friendship​—12 gemstones that can be used to enhance gameplay, with a collector’s bag.

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