Super Dungeon Legends

Super Dungeon Legends is a campaign and roleplaying expansion for Super Dungeon Explore. In Legends, Heroes brave a series of adventures as part of an overall narrative campaign. Between adventures Heroes will learn from their previous experiences, gain new skills, increase attributes, and even craft powerful equipment of their own.

The Super Dungeon Legends Kickstarter is over, but you can still become a backer at the Soda Pop Store!

Explore some of the items that will be debuting in the base pledge levels, as well as look forward to what we’re planning to bring to Super Dungeon® with each product, and the Kickstarter in general.

Exploring Kickstarter – Press Start

Soda Pop Miniatures begins a series of articles exploring the upcoming Super Dungeon Legends Kickstarter.

Exploring Kickstarter – The Midnight Tower

Soda Pop Miniatures introduces another realm to players—The Midnight Tower—the very heart of the Dark Consul’s power.

Exploring Kickstarter – Warbands

Introducing two new Super Dungeon Warbands, the frenzied Frostbyte Ravagers and the noble Crown Guard.

Exploring Kickstarter – Introducing Legends

We’ve previewed 2nd Edition, Midnight Tower, and new warband boxes; it’s time to talk about the star of the show—LEGENDS!

Adventures in Legends

Today we take a look at what you can expect from an adventure in Legends!

Crystalia Castle

Today we take a brief look one of the most important locations in all of Crystalia: Crystalia Castle.

Legends Class Advancement

Time to power up with Super Dungeon Legends Classes!

Building the Guild

Super Dungeon Legends introduces guild rules, allowing players to use and advance multiple Heroes during a campaign.

Super Dungeon Dragon Attack!

Starfire returns with a new cover for Super Dungeon Explore: 2nd Edition and an imposing new model.

Always Super Backer Pin!

The Super Dungeon Legends Kickstarter begins tomorrow, October 21 at 1:00pm MDT. Pledge during the campaign to earn your “Always Super” backer pin!