Takoashi University — In Miniature

Takoashi University
Takoashi University Cultural Festival

by John Cadice, Creative Director

Part of growing a new world here at Soda Pop Miniatures™ and Ninja Division Publishing™ is envisioning our characters in miniature.  Making amazing miniatures is always at the heart of what we do, and how we want you (our fans) to engage with our products.  

Artwork is cool and all, but giving you something to hold, or even join your hobby night lineup is part of the real joy in working on our projects.

With such characterful and inspired artwork, we wanted that in creating any miniatures, or physical products, we lived up to the attraction and character of Takoashi University’s key characters. Over the next months, we will be introducing a continuing line of Takoashi University themed miniatures, and we hope to make a collector out of you.


All of the main characters in our Takoashi University games began life as real world volunteers and cosplayers who have helped us on our journey.  These are the real heroes, and certainly without their support, Soda Pop Miniatures™ and Ninja Division Publishing™ would not be the company we are growing into today.

 These miniatures are for collectors—for now.  They make wonderful additions to any collection of 30mm heroic scale figures: great for role-playing, painting, or any other conceivable use. Previous fans of our card games will find special, Extra Credit, game cards inserted for Tentacle Bento, adding some more artwork and options to gameplay. 

As we expand the world of Takoashi University, you can expect to see more miniatures, games and other collectibles in the future!

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