The Founding of an Institution

by John Cadice, Creative Director

In 2011, Soda Pop Miniatures, before becoming Ninjas, first introduced the strange world of Takoashi University™ with a quirky card game called Tentacle Bento™, and our latest product to join the school, Karate Fight™.  As we were hard at work on our other large projects: Relic Knights: Darkspace Calamity, Super Dungeon Explore, and helping out with Jasco Games’ Megaman® The Boardgame, and Palladium Books’ Robotech® RPG Tactics™, our small team was up to its elbows with important projects to grow our business, and create the groundwork for some of our most loved products.

The students of Takoashi University did not remain idle. It was always our dream to bring this world to life with all the characters, intrigue and silliness born from after-school manga, video games, and entire sweeping genres of anime that dungeon exploring and space operas don’t touch.

With so much content to explore in the world of manga and anime, some of the longest running series follow the adventures of normal people thrust into supremely abnormal situations.  Themes range from students enrolling at schools to find out they are home to monsters learning how to be human, or joining secret societies that fight a hidden battle to save the world.  Mostly, these stories are about seemingly normal people discovering hidden talents, and finding their destiny.

So more than squids and skirts—we have imagined a much larger world of secret societies, nefarious plots, mysteries and monsters that our cast of characters will do battle against.  This is more than just fodder for a handful of card games, but a whole world to explore with all the skills and talents we have been nurturing over the last years. We look forward to bringing you more from the world of Takoashi University now that school is back in session.

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