Tokyo Ghoul: The Card Game


Tokyo Ghoul: The Card Game a strategic, turn-based deck building card game for 2 to 4 players. Using allies with different skills and abilities, players struggle to become the top ghoul in a deadly turf war. Combining well known deck building with direct combat, Tokyo Ghoul: The Card Game encourages thoughtful decision making and carefully planned strategies to win. Tokyo Ghoul: The Card Game is based on the hit anime and manga sensation Tokyo Ghoul®, enjoyed by tens of millions of fans worldwide. The game allows players to build a deck of their favorite ghouls in a strategic game of pitched battles where only the strongest will survive.Tokyo Ghoul: The Card Game is sure to be a hit with fans of dark fantasy and Tokyo Ghoul®.


· Rulebook
· 140 Ally Cards
· 34 Enemy Cards
· 28 Strategy Cards
· 5 Location Cards
· 5 Ward Cards
· 4 Reference Cards
· 16 Victory Point Tokens

· 2 – 4 players.
· 30 – 60 minute game time.
· Ages 10+
· Tactical, Turn-based Card Game
· Anime and Dark Fantasy Themes
· Competitive gameplay.

NJD Code: NJD440201
Case Qty: TBD
Studio: Shinobi 7
Game: Tokyo Ghoul: The Card Game
Price: $34.99
Materials: Cards
Release Date: October, 2017

Deck Building, Card Game, Competitive Play, Dark Fantasy, Multiplayer Game, Anime, Strategy, Tactical, Turn-Based Game, Thematic Game