Warforged: The Heart of The Conflict


The Heart of the Conflict

In the distant future the Terran Authority has exercised virtually unchallenged control over the scattered, fractious colonies of mankind for centuries. The Iron Legions protect the people, keep the peace and enforce the Authority’s laws by suppressing the senseless criminality that flares up among the stars.

The Authority is a Post-Human society that has been both literally and figuratively enhanced by the discovery of an extraterrestrial artefact known as the ‘Seal’. Technology gleaned from the Seal has enabled Authority fleets to efficiently breach the void between solar systems. Personal enhancement from the integration of Seal-derived nanites has led to the emergence of almost
god-like meta-humans known as the Awoken.

The Authority rules supreme, seemingly invincible.

Yet for all its great strength; the Iron legion, the fleets, the Awoken, the Authority is at the threshold of a new and dreadful revelation. Its power stands unchallenged no longer.


Warforged: First Contact is coming to Kickstarter from Reforged Studios and will be published by Ninja Division Publishing.

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