Way of the Fighter: Aurelia


A rich and beautiful girl from the most exclusive district of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, Aurelia often spent her days in business meetings and her nights in discotecas. Sociable, sultry, and incredibly competitive, she longed to prove herself as more than just a pretty face to all who assumed she was nothing more. Passing by a circle of makeshift dancers in a street square one afternoon on her lunch, she was awestruck. Captivated as she followed the rhythmic back-and-forth movements of different individuals cycling into the center of the circle, she longed to learn this art. Forgoing her usual night out with friends, she instead found herself at a local Capoeria class with new faces. Excited by the teachings and energized by the possibilities, she increasingly invested her time and energy in the art, eventually taking it up competitively. Casting off her old life as a socialite, she traveled across Brazil, South and Central America, Africa, and Europe to fight and beat many a challenger. Despite her athletic prowess, she longed for a deeper purpose. A twist of fate soon answered her daydreams. Stumbling upon a young French-Algerian man searching for the person who murdered his uncle, she and he learned of a deeper, darker plot of world control at the hands of a silver-haired lady adorned in crimson.