Way of the Fighter: El Falcon


Life in San Cristóbal de las Casas, Mexico was rather mellow for the unassuming boy born to a seemingly aloof, yet surprisingly well known father around the city. The middle child and only son of a fairly traditional family, he grew up primarily laboring around his grandparents’ historic farm along with his parents and sisters. When not working the fields, he was often found playing in the streets, longing for a life beyond the farm. Typically jovial, he was also fast to defend his kin, one time chasing down a man who ran off with his abeula’s purse while she was shopping at the market square. Cornering the thief and bringing him into submission with a single instinctive punch to chest that merely incapacitated the culprit, he reclaimed her purse and also caught the fiery attention of his father. Fearful of discipline as his father hastily carted him away to the tool shed behind the house after the incident, he was surprised when his father instead revealed a large chest to him that he’d never seen before. In it, a silver mask with tear-shaped eye holes sat atop worn ivory boots with frayed white and silver laces, unpolished metal and leather belts, and what appeared to be hundreds of news clippings and black and white photos.  “Al mal tiempo, buena cara, miho,” his father shared, going on to reveal his proud history as a once famous luchador that traveled the whole of Central America. Inspired by his father’s stories, the once unassuming boy embraced his father’s tutelage from that day forward. Training daily to eventually become a famous, fierce, charitable and powerful luchador known only as El Falcon to so many around the world, he swore to right the wrongs of the broken world around him…no matter the cost.