Way of the Fighter: Get Into Character!

Way of the Fighter comes to life through Gunship Revolution’s incredible artwork. From character cards to special ability cards to standees, the detailed, sleek animation makes the game exciting to play and easy to become engrossed. Plus, the intricate blend of visual and tactile inspires players to “get into character” and embody their chosen fighter.

Today we wanted to share a sneak peek into some of the character cards and standees. Each character card features a lively animation of the character, conveying not only her or his image but also her or his attitude and fighting style. ¬†Each card also includes a colorful, technco-punk background and intricate emblems noting the character’s fighting styles that correspond to cards in her or his deck.

We also wanted the game to feel like a tabletop take on a video game. Each standee, therefore, features the fighter in a standard fighting pose characteristic of his or her persona.


Kasi, the Voodoo Priestess, stands arched and angular. She looks almost rigid and possessed, yet she’s also carefully positioned with poise. You can almost imagine her arms and legs moving in a skeletal fashion, invoking mystery, darkness, and hidden power.


Lumi, the mysterious wunderkind stands tall and at the ready with the powerful spirit, Zakkadia, solemnly floating in wait. She appears agile and focused, perhaps reassured by the whimsical, yet powerful presence of Zakkadia. You can almost imagine her arms and legs moving in circular motions while Zakkadia floats up-and-down with each movement.


Faris, the parkour powerhouse, stands receptive and somewhat recoiled. He’s focused, yet tentative–ready to hastily move into action or defense. You can almost see his stealthy back-and-forth movements, eager to sweep the leg or crouch and then land an uppercut.

We’re excited to share more Way of the Fighter with you as we get ever so close to our Kickstarter on Wednesday! Check back here tomorrow for more.

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