Way of The Fighter Hits Kickstarter Next Week!

WOTF Cover B

Way of the Fighter is an exciting, new game unlike anything in our already impressive lineup!

Designed by Benjamin Yamada, Way of the Fighter is a tabletop take on classic console fighting games that uses cards and dice for head-to-head battles. Like a console game, players select from an diverse array of ten unique characters before battling it out. Each character possesses  unique, character-specific special abilities and skills, as well as standard abilities like block, jump, and crouch. After players arm their decks and set up the board, the game becomes a matter of thoughtful skill, smart strategy and resource management, and sheer luck as each player selects cards and rolls dice to inflict damage and defend against attacks.


In addition to the game’s fast, fun mechanics, Way of the Fighter also features incredibly beautiful artwork designed by various artists at Gunship Revolution. From character cards to special abilities, the artwork for each card is some of the most detailed and inviting we’ve ever seen. So, of course, we wanted to share some of it with you all!

Here is a sneak peak at some of the special ability cards:

Art Preview - 1
Art Preview - 2

Thanks to the gorgeous artwork by Gunship Revolution, the game not only “pops,” it also brings the characters to life. Showcasing the unique skills, abilities, and even attitudes of the characters, the artwork makes the game that much more engaging and fun. It also encourages players to “get into character” with their chosen fighter, hopefully inciting them to add in various fighting noises for each unique attack! (After all, that’s what we’ve been doing as we’ve played it!)

On Monday, we’ll share another sneak peek with you all. For now, get ready for this fast, fierce fighting game ready to pounce on a table near you!

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