Way of the Fighter Relaunch


As we close in on our final week, we have decided to postpone the campaign and relaunch this coming Monday, November 28th at 3pm EST.

We’ve decided this for a couple of reasons, first our launch day coincided with the aftermath of a very tense election. Our social media analytics clearly show that a lot of people had the election on their mind far more than fun and games. We’re also pushing into the Thanksgiving holiday and Black Friday, which will further distract people. We were certainly aware that we’d be going through a holiday and extended the campaign beyond it for just that purpose, but we did not anticipate the social media impact the election would have. We’re excited that by relaunching the campaign after the Thanksgiving holiday we’ll be able to give Way of the Fighter a bit more breathing room and a couple of extra weeks to continue to get the word out.

Way of the Fighter is an expandable card and dice game, which is new territory for the Ninja Division and Soda Pop design team. We are very proud of this game, love how it plays, and want to strongly focus on it as the card and dice game it is. We originally added miniatures, because, well, that’s what we do and we thought it would be fun. We, perhaps, underestimated how much you—our awesome fans—really love our miniatures. It is pretty clear to us that we needed a pledge level that better services our devoted miniature fan base. So that’s exactly what we’re going to do.

The newly launched campaign will feature two core pledges: Card Fighter and Miniature Fighter.

The Card Fighter pledge will have a slightly reduced cost and start straight away with Blazing Soul Candy and ND-2000. It will also receive all of the free card-based stretch goals. The Miniature Fighter pledge will also feature a reduced cost, Blazing Soul Candy, ND-2000, and all ten core fighters’ miniatures. It will receive all the free card-based stretch goals and all of the free miniature-based stretch goals. This pledge is for you miniature lovers and as we unlock stretch goals will grow to include miniatures for all of the fighters (and a few special surprises)!

Way of the Fighter is already in a very advanced state, so we’re not going to waste any time in getting the relaunched campaign up and running. Our plan is for it to run from November 28th through December 12th. So, get your fill of turkey and stuffing this weekend, and we’ll see you back here next Monday for more Way of the Fighter!


(Special thanks to Andrew Hodor Willis for creating this awesome gif of Kasi!)