Way of the Fighter: Severina


Identified as a gifted child by the age of five, Severina was hastily taken from her parents by the KGB. Trained in tactical espionage, Severina learned to pass as another, infiltrate enemy infrastructures, and assassinate foes. As her burgeoning telepathic and telekinetic abilities grew stronger, she also learned to move objects, obscure her presence, and influence others with the powers of her mind. A truly exceptional individual, she eventually used her potent abilities to take over the KGB to continue to Cold War across Europe and into Asia. Seeking greater power, her plans became political. Thereafter, she created the Красная звезда комитет Тайн (Red Star Committee of Mysteries, or K3KT) with the intent of capturing others with powerful abilities like her own and either bending them to her will or removing them from her greater designs of world domination. Learning of a physically gifted teenage woman, she captured her and ordered her special forces to modify her body. Turning her into an elite fighting machine, Severinacontinued to look for powerful others she could manipulate and enhance. Sensing a powerful energy out of nowhere one day, she soon found its host: a curious child traveling with her parents. She attempted to abduct her that very day out in the Mediterranean, but the girl mysteriously disappeared as Severina and her forces approached. Spotting the girl’s parents alone along the coast, she instead captured them to learn more about the child and lure her into her elite forces or eliminate her in her ultimate quest for control of the world.