Way of the Fighter: Faris


Born of a French mother and Algerian father, Faris grew up in a broken family in an even more broken world. Escaping home as a teenager, Faris ended up scraping by in the ghettos of Marseilles, France until he found a consistent home with the only dependable person in his life, his uncle and former Savate boxer, Armand. Often on the run in his youth, he learned to evade others by employing acrobatics to climb walls, jumping from buildings, and tumbling to safety.

A true traceur of Parkour before it had such a name, his skills were further honed by Armand who taught him Savate as a means to protect himself and to encourage him to find focus in his life. Receptive to his uncle’s teachings and incredibly talented, Faris embraced the art, reformed his life, and was on track to becoming a champion. One day after training alone, he turned on the news to discover a terrible tragedy: a man had been killed near the Old Port by an unknown assailant. That man—carrying new fine-leather boxing gloves—was his uncle. With few leads and even fewer clues as to the motivation for such an attack, Faris gave up the gloves and vowed to find the assailant at any cost.

As an expert of Savate, Faris always tries to box his opponent into a corner and knock them down. But, as a practitioner of parkour, he is nimble on his feet and moves with an uncanny speed. Combined, he is almost the perfect rush-down fighter: aggressive, relentless and brutal. Starting with his Fighter Ability, Faris can stun his opponent when dealing damage, forcing them to carefully manage their dice pool or take the risk of being starved for dice, or worse: Dazed.

Ricochet Punch and Recoil Kick work similarly, with Faris starting crouched and then dashing with great speed forward to attack either in the air with a punch or upward with a kick. Gale Kick is a potent attack that allows you to make some space around Faris, particularly useful against a wrestler. While Stepping Kick is great when cornered as you use your opponent’s head as a launching pad. Flying Kick is a slow but potent weapon, almost guaranteed to shut down your opponent by kicking him in the face. Faris’s Parkour Style makes sure that he keeps a healthy dice pool, further deepening the gap between him and his opponent. Thanks to his great agility, Faris can block while jumping, a unique move that allows him to close on his target without risk.

Faris is a fairly balanced fighter. His main weak points are his lack of range options and relative predictability. To fight effectively, he needs to be in up-close, which can be a risky proposition against grapplers. His attacks are fairly limited in terms of hit boxes which make his movement somewhat predictable, since it is almost always moving towards you.

The Fluid Rush and Fluid Forward technique are core to Faris’ fighting style, constantly pushing forward and maintaining a high pressure on his target. The former better helps him to increase his already considerable damage output, while the latter provides him with some high priority options and interesting combos. The Hard Push technique pack goes well with Faris’ movement ability, forcing your opponent to remain cornered. Hard Stun combined with his Fighter Ability makes him the master of that particular technique.


Charge + Flying Kick: This is a relatively easy combo to execute and results in your opponent being stunned. Like many of Faris’s combos, it can also result in a lot of fun movement and position changes.

Begin the combo with Charge, which moves him to the Standing position and advances him two spaces. Then, Link to Flying Kick, using Chain to recover one of the core dice spent on Charge. Flying Kick then moves Faris to the Jump position and can hit the opponent regardless of their own position. Charge gives Flying Kick a Damage Bonus of 1, resulting in 3 damage total. Flying Kick’s Stun effect is equal to the damage dealt, and forces your opponent to move three dice from their active pool to their burnout pool. If they do not have the dice in their active pool they get Dazed instead!


Sprint + Loaded Punch: Sprint has a very high priority. On first glance, trying to combo from Sprint’s priority 7 with Loaded Punch’s priority 4 seems like a risky gamble, but these cards synergize incredibly well.

Sprint lets Faris advance four spaces with a surprising burst of speed, then Chains one core dice back to your active pull to help with Loaded Punch. You may not need that extra dice though, because Loaded Punch’s effect increases its own Priority Bonus by the number of spaces Faris advanced that turn, giving it a +4 priority thanks to Sprint (+5 if you also used the Shift command!). This makes it so that Loaded Punch starts with a super fast 8 Priority—more than enough for an easy combo! Hit your opponent for 2 damage plus knock them down and steal the initiative. Nice move!


Shoulder Roll + Ricochet Punch: Faris is great at pressuring his opponent, and this combo will keep them guessing at where the attack is coming from. The priority difference between the two is large. However, Shoulder Roll helps with the Chain effect and Ricochet Punch relies on power dice, which have higher values than core dice. This means you should primarily put weaker core dice into the Shoulder Roll, and then power dice into Ricochet Punch to ensure it goes off and hits with maximum effect.

Begin the combo with Shoulder Roll, which moves Faris into the Crouch position and advances him three spaces. The Traverse ability makes it so that this movement can even move through the opponent! Then Link into the Ricochet Punch, making sure to Chain one dice from Shoulder Roll back to the active pool.

At the beginning of Ricochet Punch, Faris changes to the Jump position and may advance an additional number of spaces equal to the number of power dice rolled minus one. Then wallop your opponent for damage equal to the power dice plus one, and knocking them down!