Way of the Fighter: Jun


Orphaned at the age of 8, Jun and her twin brother, Ren, found solace and structure with their Japanese grandfather, Hiroshi. Using his mastery in the near-lost and ancient art of Taijutsu to instill a sense of purpose in both of his grandchildren, Hiroshi schooled each child in one aspect of Taijutsu. An erudite pupil, Jun naturally grasped Tiger style, eventually mastering skills in agility, evasion, and fast, fierce attacks. When her grandfather mysteriously disappeared a year ago, she vowed to find him and bring fast fury down on any who dared harm the only person who ever truly believed in her.

While Ren is a balanced but somewhat slow aggressive fighter, Jun is his exact counterpart. She is still balanced, but is fast and focused on constant harassment rather than pressure.

Jun’s Fighter Ability provides her with a constant +1 priority bonus on all her strikes and blasts. This allows her to more easily win priority rolls or, alternatively, save on dice. Jun has a lot of combo opportunities and proper energy management makes her an unstoppable force.

Tiger Pounce gives her incredible range, is very easy to combo, and the sudden position change is sure to surprise any opponent. Rising Claw is a great combo opener against an aerial opponent. Tiger Flip packs a lot of punch and can reach a crouched opponent from afar. Tiger Jaw is her fast, powerful repeat strike that is a great finisher against a blocking opponent. Tiger Roar is an amazing blast that simply must be blocked, giving a great opportunity for Jun. Jun’s Quick Block is quite straightforward, but allows her to safeguard against the fastest attacks. Lastly, her mode Eye of the Tiger transforms her into a real terror by increasing her damage output significantly.

While Jun is very strong thanks to her high priority, her main weakness is her lack of damage output, forcing her to rely on combos, which requires skill and precise timing. Soft Precise gives her flexibility and some of the fastest strikes available, which makes her a real threat. Soft Combo works wonders with her mode and allows for terrifying combos. Chi Bombard reinforces her harassment style by allowing her to keep a distance. Chi Yin feeds her need for cards that are quickly spent on comboing.


Tiger Pounce + Tiger Flip: This is one of Jun’s easiest tricks, and is a simple combo that can be quite easy to pull off and surprise opponents. Even better, it can hit an opponent as many as six spaces away. It can be pulled off early game for a simple one or two points of damage or late game for a huge hit.

Start with a Kneel command, if you’re already at optimum distance, or a Shift command to adjust your range. Then play Tiger Pounce, which changes your stance to Jump and allows you to move three spaces towards your opponent. Chain two of the core dice spent on Tiger Pounce back to your active pool. Then feed power dice and any additional core dice you may need into Tiger Flip. If you positioned Jun correctly, she can hit your opponent regardless of their stance, dealing one damage plus the number of power dice used, and knocking them down.


Yin Focus + Aerial Blast: This is a perfect combo for when your hand is depleted and you need some breathing room. Use the Shift command to retreat and draw a card. Then, use Yin Focus to retreat one space further, draw an additional two cards, and link an Aerial Blast to stay aggressive in the fight. The net effect of your normal draw, Shift command, and Yin Focus allows you to draw four cards, refreshing your hand and preparing you for the next turn.


Sudden Step + Rising Claw + Side Kick + Opening Punch: This large four card combo may seem daunting, but thanks to the proliferation of Chain keywords it can be executed mid-game fairly reliably. Ideally, you want eight core dice to pull it off. If you’re a gambler, you can pull it off with as few as 2 – 4 with a good measure of luck, thanks to Chain recycling your core dice.

Start the combo with Sudden Step to close in with an aerial opponent, chaining two of the dice back to your active pool. Attack the helpless target with a Rising Claw, and advance another space forward. If the opponent is jumping you will trigger Rising Claw’s special effect, allowing you to chain another dice. Then combo into Side Kick and then Opening Punch, delivering three total damage.

If you have Jun’s Eye of the Tiger mode active, this fast combo deals six damage and can be a spectacular, furious, finisher!