Way of the Fighter: Kasi


Kasi and her beloved little sister, Keisha, grew up practicing the healing properties of Voodoo throughout all of Jamaica. Schooled in the Voodoo magics by their grandmother and town priestess, Eyana, they learned to cure the sick, ward off evil, and foresee aspects of the future. One day while practicing her magics, Kasi perceived a terrible premonition: shadows surrounded her sister, as a thin hand adorned in gold stole the life from her body. Wary, Kasi immediately sought her sister, only to find her lifeless body by the field near their home. As Kasi wept with Keisha in her arms, the darkness inside stirred and vengeance filled her heart. Devoting herself to the dark magics, Kasi soon ventured out into the world, searching for the person who extinguished the lovely, little light of her life.

Kasi is surely one of the most technical fighters in the game, her style is about denying her opponents movement, denying modes, denying dice, and keeping the initiative for herself. Moreover, her unique combination of blasts and grabs make her a threat both at long and short range.

Kasi’s innate Fighter Ability: to be able to attack a knocked down opponent, means that she can combo after having already knocked down an opponent, opening the possibility of multiple Knockdowns, forcing your opponent to discard more modes.

Her Tombstone Block can remove dice from her attacker’s active pool, not only making combos much harder, but can even Daze a careless player. Zombify and Ghostly Hands are also both great options to Daze your opponent. Daze prevents jumping and crouching, and you cannot advance or retreat with a Shift. This means that the opponent can’t run away. Kasi can use this time to retreat and throw blasts, or remain up close and perform grabs.

Combined with her own mode Samedi’s Sentence, which causes Drain, Kasi is able to make her abilities terrifying as she nullifies the game’s comeback mechanism, by burning out dice received from damage. Drain makes it so that dice are moved from the energy pool to the burnout pool. This means that when Kasi performs an attack with the Drain effect the dice your opponent would normally earn go straight to the burnout, delaying their use considerably.

Voodoo Hammer is a very powerful attack which can be used while jumping directly above an unsuspecting fighter, AND it can get past a crouching blocker (since most crouch blocks do not protect against a jumping opponent).

Baron’s Piledriver is a very slow attack and enjoys a full hand of power dice, and when well played it will not only damage your opponent, but destroy his active dice. It is a great option mid to late game.

Cimetiere Chop is particularly interesting as one of the only high priority options for Kasi, with two power dice it is a solid strike to combo into, and with four power dice it is a great game finisher.

Kasi’s attacks, while powerful, are generally low in priority so it is important to take advantage of her many control effects such as Daze and Drain to keep your opponent energy starved and limited in movement options.


Ground Slam + Cimetiere Chop: This is a nice combo to pull on an opponent who is in the Jump position. Use Ground Slam on the jumping opponent, triggering its Knockdown and Damage Bonus special effects. Then follow up with a Cimetiere Chop, which gains a priority bonus, and inflicts damage, equal to the power dice used plus one. This combo can be especially brutal if Samedi’s Sentence is up by Draining the opponent’s dice.


Bear Hug + Voodoo Hammer: This combo has a low priority, so timing (or lots of dice) is crucial, but it’s well worth the expenditure. This is a great combo to pull off when your opponent has built up two or more modes, and you need to knock them down a peg. Combo Bear Hug to Voodoo Hammer dealing an incredible 6 damage and inflicting Knockdown twice. While the rest of Knockdown’s effects don’t stack, the effect of discarding a mode is triggered both times. Just like Kasi’s other Knockdown combos, if she has Samedi’s Sentence up, this combo becomes brutal.


Slingshot Throw + Ghostly Hands: While Kasi typically wants to be in her opponent’s face, sometimes she needs some room to breathe. This combo is great when an opponent has her close to the edge of the arena and she wants to reverse her fortunes.

Start with Slingshot Throw, which causes the two fighters to switch places in the arena, then pushes the opponent back three spaces, and inflicts Knockdown. Follow up with a blast from Ghostly Hands, which becomes stronger the more power dice you pump into it and inflicts Daze, making it guaranteed Kasi knows exactly where her opponent will be the following turn.