Rolling Stars: Brinebreaker Aesir

Rolling Stars: Brinebreaker Aesir

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Playing the Brinebreaker Aesir

“We thought them only militia my Lord. The hounds’ rangers did not tell us the town was in the path of a Stormchild. His arrival sent the hounds to rout and Jarl Njal and two berserkers were felled by him before the Hands could bring our magicks to bear. But by then it was too late. Before the Hand fell, I cast my spirit into this Reaver to bring you word—the Stormchild was not alone. Beside him were strangers from the north. Heroes march towards Drenring once again.”


Super Dungeon Brinebreaker Aesir


Brinebreaker Aesir

The dwarves of Super Dungeon gain a new Hero this month with the release of the Brinebreaker Aesir. This stormtouched dwarf is not only a brutal combatant in his own right, but an exceptional party member that increases the hitting power of all your Heroes. Let’s take a look!

Super Dungeon Brinebreaker Aesir

What’s on the Card

The Brinebreaker Aesir’s attributes have a couple of stand out points. First, his STR of 2 red dice is paired with a basic Melee Attack of 2, which allows him to engage more easily than many of the slower and shorter ranged dwarves of Crystalia. This is offset by his 3 blue ARM, which is average but lower than many dwarves. However, his 6 hearts keep him in the fight effectively. He is also immune to Knockdown and immune to Ice (which is one of the nastier status effects a Hero can be stuck with.)

His unique actions make the Brinebreaker Aesir a veritable storm of destruction. The unique offensive action Mallet Masher grants +1 green dice to STR and the ability Improved Critical which means critical successes inflict an additional wound. Pair this action with his potion Crushed Ice, which grants Brutal Strike, making it so that when he wins an offense roll he adds +3 stars to the total—all but ensuring a critical success!

Storm of Blows is a useful wave area attack that can clear out minions that seek to overwhelm him, while knocking down anything that survives the storm. 

Many players will look at Howl of Rage as the Brinebreaker Aesir’s signature action. This blue support action is a massive Aura 3 area effect that grants all friend models (including the Aesir) +1 blue dice to offensive actions. Yes, ALL offensive actions! Costing only a single action point, Howl of Rage can be incredible early game before your Heroes are well equipped; as well as being that little edge late game to overcome a high defense dungeon boss, such as Elrik the Lich King with Frozen Shield.

As you can see, Brinebreaker Aesir can take on both tough multiple wound monsters such as Dungeon Bosses and Mini-Bosses as well as hordes of weaker minions, all while helping out other Heroes in their party. Aesir may consider themselves loners, but they are eager for adventure and available to join your adventures!

Summon the storm with your Brinebreaker Aesir now!


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