A New 2-Player Starter Set And More!

A New 2-Player Starter Set And More!

The Relic Knights 2-Player Starter Set is Now Available!

Start playing Relic Knights with this 2-Player Starter set. This set contains the rules, cards, and miniatures for two Cadres, Radiant and Void


Relic Knights 2-Player Starter Set

Relic Knights Digest Rulebook
Relic Knights 2-Player Starter Set


All of the amazing miniatures in this set are cast in high quality resin. Complete with bases, game cards, 2 Esper Decks, and a 64 page Relic Knights 2nd edition Digest Rulebook.   This is everything you need to play Relic Knights 2nd edition!


Faction Starters

If you are only interested in one cadre, we are also offering smaller Starter Sets featuring your choice of either the Void or Radiant cadres. If you are updating your Relic Knights to the new rules, or previously collected and have plans on aligning to a particular Esper affinity, these starters might be the best for you. 

Each starter will include either the Void or Radiant starter miniatures, and a single Esper Deck, a 64 page Relic Knights 2nd edition Digest Rulebook, and the cards needed to play with your new forces.


Radiant Cadre Starter Set

Bang-Bang and her forces can ally with any Doctrine, Cerci Speed Circuit or Shattered Sword Cadre.


Relic Knights Radiant Cadre Starter Set


The Radiant Cadre Starter Set includes the miniatures for Bang-Bang, Miss Kaylee and the Sundown Enforcers.  These miniatures are also now available for individual purchase!



Bang-Bang is a bounty hunter. The nickname fits, though, since she’s much more apt to shoot first—and second—when a situation goes sour. She’s really proud of her double-tap technique since she performs it with her matched pistols. It’s impressive. Since developing Esper expression, her cypher Mr. Milky is ever at her side, these two are synonymous with bringing in the bad-guys, even though she is well paid for the work.


Relic Knights Bang-Bang - Questing Knight
Relic Knights Bang-Bang - Questing Knight


Bang-Bang is a Questing Knight model for Relic Knight's Radiant Cadre.


Miss Kaylee

Miss Kaylee is a fierce bounty hunter with sharp reflexes and even sharper claws. This Tonnerian huntress is armed and equipped with a hunters armor. It greatly enhances her reflexes, durability and tracking with built in weapons traditional to the great Tonnerian hunters.


Relic Knights Miss Kaylee


Miss Kaylee is a Unique model for Relic Knight's Radiant Cadre.


Sundown Enforcers

Initially a corrupt as-it-comes bounty hunter guild, security firm, and general mil-tech mercenary group, the organization needed some new leadership to cut away the corrupt underpinnings. With Bang-Bang at the head, the Sundown Enforcers have gone through a few changes. This heavily armed group of enforcers now makes up the backbone of deployable units in the Sundown Enforcers arsenal. They take no guff, and give nothing but merciless pursuit to the capture or “elimination” of their targets.


Relic Knights Sundown Enforcers


Sundown Enforcers are Minion Squad models for Relic Knight's Radiant Cadre


Void Cadre Starter Set

Tahariel and her Void minions can align with players of the Noh Empire, Black Diamond, and Star Nebula Corsairs


Relic Knights Void Cadre Starter Set


The Void Cadre Starter Set includes the miniatures for Tahariel the Purifier, Mikhal and the Dark Pinions.  These miniatures are also now available for individual purchase!


Tahariel The Purifier

The Warriors of the Maleach are few but powerful, their skin glows softly, cold, and pallid. Their warrior gear is alien and capable of meeting threats close and at range, they are well protected by very effective layers of shielding and armor. Taking on the guise of angelic messengers of the gods before their true nature or intent is known. Everything from her royal garb and statuesque beauty to her mercurial grace and cruelty shows her to be the epitome of an ideal Maelach leader with absolute control of the battlefield.


Relic Knights Tahariel the Purifier
Relic Knights Tahariel The Purifier


Tahariel the Purifier is a Questing Knight model for Relic Knight's Void Cadre.



A powerful general in his own right, Mikhal serves the Void with distinction.  His great armored form held aloft on energy wings, and his blazing sword brings ruin to his adversaries. Mikhal represents a paragon for the other Pinions and Seraphim of the Maleach.


Relic Knights Mikhal


Mikhal is a Unique model for Relic Knight's Void Cadre.


Dark Pinions

The Dark Pinions are the very definition of shock troops, fast and agile, these vanguards of the Void leap nimbly across the battlefield. Held aloft on energy flurries that resemble wings and pinning enemies with bursts of energy fire, they ensure none who would battle with the Maleach should think they have the upper hand. The Maleach chooses the place and time they strike with near surgical precision and the Dark Pinions are their scalpel.


Relic Knights Dark Pinions


Dark Pinions are Minion Squad models for Relic Knight's Void Cadre.


Get your 2-Player Starter Set and Save the Last Galaxy, Now!


New Sculpts Are Here!

With our Starter Sets now available, we want to ensure that everyone can have access to exciting new miniatures. Feast your eyes on these new fiery furies of fate, who are now available for purchase!



Fiametta has long rubbed against the tighter strictures of the doctrine, after more than a few freak pyrotechnics, she was thought better to serve the Doctrine’s mission with adventuring research teams until she finally found her way into Kisa’s personal cadre.


Relic Knights Fiametta


Her penchant for pyrotechnics has proven useful to the Doctrine’s champion. Fiametta’s name and reputation have become known throughout the galaxy as she brings flame and ruin to any bold enough to stand in her way.


Isabeau Durand

Excelling in the healing arts, Isabeau Durand was recruited into the Paladin order at a very young age following the brutal slaying of her family by Noh raiders.


Relic Knights Isabeau Durand


Forever on the hunt for her family’s killers, Isabeau continues to rise in the Shattered Sword’s ranks. She leads from the front, and when needed, tends to the broken. 



Since abandoning the prestigious Doctrine institution,  The Catermane Academy, Squall has plied her skills across all sectors of Wild Space.  None can say what awful deed forced her self-induced exile. 


Relic Knights Squall


In rare unguarded moments she can be found in the ship's galley, drowning whatever demons haunt her.  It is best to leave her alone with her thoughts, unless you are firmly grounded, less you wish to witness her mastery of the elements first hand. 



Yes, Pin-ups are back! We hope that collectors and painters alike can enjoy these alternative, and masterful sculpts of our favorite characters.  Sometimes you like a thing so much, you need to do it twice… So we did!



Fiametta is the burning embodiment of the raw power of flame with the temperament to match.


Relic Knights Fiametta Pin-up


Fiametta is reimagined as a stunning Masterclass Pinup Miniature!  



Marie-Claude has been racing forever it seems, and she's been winning more than she loses for most of that time. 


Relic Knights Marie-Claude


Marie-Claude is reimagined as a stunning Masterclass Pinup Miniature! 


Get Reinforcements for Your Cadres and Expand Your Collection, Today!


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