A New Questing Knight and Darkspace Models

A New Questing Knight and Darkspace Models

Questing Knight Indra Ki and Darkspace Models

The Universe continues to present heroes of legend. It also presents different and slanted mirror versions, from a multiverse of possibilities. 

Further to last week's release of Relic Knights: 2-Player Starter Set, today we bring you a brand new Questing Knight: Indra Ki and his Cypher, Banzai, along with a number of Darkspace miniatures.


Relic Knights


Darkspace miniatures are new sculpts of existing units in unique 'cosplay' outfits. These models work for different factions than their non-Darkspace counterparts, and feature both new models and new game profiles fitting their costume change. We are currently finalising the rules for these miniatures, which we will release in an expansion Card Deck in the future.


Indra Ki and Banzai

The dragon fleet is lead by many powerful warlords and daimyo, but amongst the new generation of leaders is the powerful champion, Indra Ki.

Manifesting his Cypher, Banzai, upon uncovering a plot against his leaders and defeating the fleets champion in single combat, Indra Ki is now looked to as a trusted and dutiful leader. Indra belies his fearsome visage as a careful tactician and intelligent student of his enemies while respecting his warrior heritage and fearsome reputation of the Noh Empire.


Relic Knights Indra Ki

Relic Knights Indra Ki


Indra Ki is a Questing Knight model for Relic Knight's Noh Empire faction.


Darkspace Squall

The multiverse presents heroes bound to chaotic Esper in the widest possible variety of outcomes. Squall is no different. Ever at the center of Etheric maelstroms, Darkspace Squall follows a unique path of Mechromancy, conjuring mechanical monsters and using her powers to jinx any that would threaten her or her cadre.


Relic Knights Darkspace Squall


Darkspace Squall is a Unique model for Relic Knight's Black Diamond faction.


Darkspace Kisa

Kisa is arguably one the Doctrine’s most powerful mages. In a universe of possibilities, Darkspace Kisa presents in an almost polar opposite, her deep Tonnerian heritage on full display. Consort, guardian, huntress, there is still a lot of scratch in this kitty.


Relic Knights Darkspace Kisa


Darkspace Kisa is a Unique model for Relic Knight's Star Nebula Corsairs faction.


Darkspace Hasami

Always a rebellious heart, Hasami has seemed to thrive around more chaotic energies, perhaps presenting a more accurate vision of her potential should she have ever left the confines of the Doctrine. Raging with internal essence, Darkspace Hasami is a riot of Esper and cutting blades. Try not to make her angry.


Relic Knights Darkspace Hasami


Darkspace Hasami is a Unique model for Relic Knight's Noh Empire faction.


Darkspace Hero of Time Candy

Of the most frequent visitors to this universe from realms beyond, Candy and Cola appear frequently around nexus events and dramatic turns of fate. Replete in her warrior’s costume, Candy wields a masterfully crafted and ancient blade, while her Cypher Cola presents a fearsome visage in his Octo mask, a predatory creature from her native world.


Relic Knights Darkspace Hero of Time Candy


Darkspace Hero of Time Candy is a Unique model for Relic Knight's Radiant faction.


Darkspace Bang-Bang

But for the flip of a coin, the brave bounty hunter known as Bang Bang could have followed a calling of adventure and erudite exploration. In this incarnation, the swirling Esper and the very powers of creation are at her fingertips, beware angering an agent of the Doctrine on her sacred mission.


Relic Knights Darkspace Bang-Bang


Darkspace Bang-Bang is a Unique model for Relic Knight's Doctrine faction.


Darkspace Jakob

Ever presented in the Darkspace with a heroic heart. Jakob bears the insignia and weapons of a warrior sect bound to the destruction of titanic beasts that threaten his homeworld. He is duty bound to protect the weak and innocent, and his blades have felled many of the hot blooded giants he has spent a lifetime learning to fight.


Relic Knights Darkspace Jakob


Darkspace Jakob is a Unique model for Relic Knight's Shattered Sword faction.


Darkspace Marikan To

While nothing is more universally constant than entropy, Noh from different universes appear, at times, in more noble guises. Counselors, great builders, but always warriors. Sporting a unique fighting style, blasters ensconced in her boots, her speedy delivery of kicks are punctuated by surgical energy blasts, hurling her defeated opponents to the ground, never to get up.


Relic Knights Darkspace Marikan To


Darkspace Marikan To is a Unique model for Relic Knight's Void faction.


Darkspace Delphyne

There has only been a single recorded instance of a Darkspace Delphyne. This mercurial little girl comes through the rupture in Darkspace seemingly at will. Appearing a bit older in years than the Doctrine’s version, but with a fiery temper that lays low any that dare approach her. She radiates a fiery aura of Esper and is seemingly on a mission of vengeance.


Relic Knights Darkspace Delphyne


Darkspace Delphyne is a Unique model for Relic Knight's Void faction.


Darkspace Mecha Musume Candy

Possibly one of the most terrifying of appearances through the Darkspace is the armored construct fused with the hero Candy. Dark armor and piercing eyes, Mecha Musume candy elicits fear and near paralysis for those near her. Her preternatural senses seem to respond to threats before they happen, and her armor boosts her already powerful abilities. But she has disappeared without a trace, and is feared that she is on the hunt. Beware her web.


Relic Knights Darkspace Mecha Musume Candy


Darkspace Mecha Musume Candy is a Unique model for Relic Knight's Void faction.

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