A Pirate Hero?

A Pirate Hero?
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A Pirate Hero? Hide the silver!

Now that we have looked at Henry’s more nefarious disposition as a level boss, let’s look at what Black-Handed Henry, in his more benevolent guise, can bring to the table as a hero!


Super Dungeon Black-Handed Henry


For starters, Henry is a Dwarf, and Dwarves in Crystalia benefit from a hardy disposition and have an extra heart, and in Henry’s case, an additional potion slot! With great starting stats, and a Range 6 DEX attack, we are off to a good start. Henry has a few built in traits, one for his Pet (Polly), and another called Keep the Rum Flowing.

A model with Keep The Rum Flowing may drink two potions per turn (both Hero and Consul), so long as the potions are different. However, if the model has no potion tokens during the party’s power-up, it suffers one wound.


Super Dungeon Black-Handed Henry


Where Henry really shines is in his unique potions and special abilities. Extra Powder is a Range 6 attack with Massive Damage and Brutal Strike. Garlic Breath is a potion with bite with range of 3, besides being dangerous, is Burst 1 and deals Fire, best give a warning shout to your fellow adventurers!

Black Coffee gives an additional action, and Minty Fortress an addition red dice for ARM until his next activation. Working in tandem with his Polly, Henry will have a wealth of potion tokens to keep things going. After all, Polly understands that the rum can never be gone!

Bring home Black-Handed Henry to your pirate themed Super Dungeon games!


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